Sport Performance Preparation: Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills to Keep Athletes in the Game

Sport Performance Preparation: Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills to Keep Athletes in the Game
Sport Performance Preparation: Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills to Keep Athletes in the Game
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  • Athletes - Add variety and limit staleness in your workout
  • Personal trainers and strength coaches here is a video index of injury preventative ideas
  • Coaches - keep your athletes on the field - find the drills that emphasize body parts most at risk in your sport
with Barry Kagan (C.S.C.S., L.M.T., R.N.) earned a Master's Certification from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association in 2008, a private practice strength and conditioning coach;
former University of Maryland Strength Coach, coached over 100 NCAA All-Americans, 15 NCAA National Championship Teams, played a role in the development of more than a dozen Olympians, 3 Men's FIFA World Cup players, over 50 professional athletes in numerous sports. For more information on Barry visit

In this second video in Barry Kagan's Sport Performance Preparation Series, Coach Kagan introduces and teaches the techniques associated with the broad-based category of pre-habilitation. Not to be confused with rehab exercises, this video is not intended to rehabilitate athletes from injuries, but rather to assist athletes with being physically prepared for competition and to avoid injury.

Coach Kagan presents avenues for improved balance, stability and proprioception that can be integrated into strength and conditioning routines as an adjunct to strength training through direct exercise prescription or through use as a functional and dynamic warm-up or cool down. This video will offer you substantial variety and is set up in a way to help you determine the exercises that best fit your needs. Exercises are separated into body part specific groupings to allow coaches and athletes an easy decision in selection of exercises that address common injuries in their particular sport. Kagan also presents a method for using prehab as a critical method of improving adherence to in-season strength training routines.

The real payback in committing to injury prevention. Coaches, your players can be counted on to miss fewer minutes! Athletes, you will feel the adaptation in your body -the benefits will likely be discrete - you may recover more quickly from tweaks to muscles or slight ankle sprains or a twisted knee, you may no longer feel the tight shoulder at the start of practice, or the weak core late in the game.

Exercises on this video will open new and creative approaches to injury prevention and recommend systematic approaches for adding functional strength and balance routines to your workout sessions. Bonus materials include:

  • Presentation on integrating being consistent with in-season training
  • Circuits that can be useful for preceding or following practices or lifts
Coaches and athletes will see the usefulness of these drills immediately, but it is the long term impact of a committing to implementing balance, functional strength, proprioception, and flexibility into your training routine that really will make a difference in your sport preparation.

Barry Kagan's Sport Performance Preparation Series contains all the tools necessary to take athletes to the next level in their athletic pursuits. The five part video series contains nearly 15 hours of footage and over 70 files of bonus materials that can guide an athlete from the start of off-season preparation to the completion of post-season play. The athletes used on the video are some of the top athletes in their respective sports in the country - soccer, track, lacrosse, wrestling, swimming, field hockey, baseball and more.

144 minutes. 2013.

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