Spinner S'Wing-T Offense: Running Game

Spinner S'Wing-T Offense: Running Game
Spinner S'Wing-T Offense: Running Game
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Product Description

  • Run the ball effectively against even and odd man fronts
  • Learn special keys to ensure a successful running game
  • Discover the play that will set the tone for your team
with Lew Johnston,
former Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach,
5x District Champions, 4x District "Coach of the Year"

Coach Johnston shares his running game from within the Spinner S'Wing-T offense. Johnston covers a total of eight plays that will help you advance the ball against both even and odd fronts.

The 41 Sweep, for example, is the play that starts the whole Spinner S'Wing-T offense. Johnston starts every game by running the 41 Sweep and it never fails to mislead opponents and gain valuable yardage. Many times, this play secures a touchdown within the first possession and sets the tone for the rest of the game.

In addition, the 32 Jersey Mouse play is a creative quarterback trap that is particularly effective inside the red zone against a reactive defense. Johnston goes through all eight plays in detail to cover each position's responsibilities and identify areas that may need special attention to ensure success. He reinforces these concepts with extensive game footage that will help you see every angle of the Spinner S'Wing-T and successfully include it in your program.

72 minutes. 2009.

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