Spinner S'Wing-T Offense: Passing Game

Spinner S'Wing-T Offense: Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Add versatility to your passing game
  • Learn 10 misdirection passing plays
  • Incorporate these plays into your two-minute offense
with Lew Johnston,
Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach,
5x District Champions, 4x District "Coach of the Year"

Coach Johnston shares his passing game from within the Spinner S'Wing-T offense.

Although most success comes from utilizing play action passes, Johnston also covers quick fire and motion screen passes to help you adapt to a variety of defensive situations. Using whiteboard diagrams and game footage, he shares a total of 10 misdirection passing plays that will get you up and over a tough defensive line and into the end zone. The 41 Sweep Pass uses the misdirection of its respective running play to draw defenders to the line and creates several options for 25-yard passes.

Johnston covers some of the important primary blocks that can be easily overlooked but are vital to this play's success. A number of his quick fire plays can be an effective part of a 2-minute offense and help to keep the ball moving. The 92 Spread, for example, is a great play to use to safely get out of bounds and stop the clock.

All of these plays, when combined with the strong foundation of the Spinner S'Wing-T, are certain to help you stay one step ahead of even the strongest defenses.

48 minutes. 2009.

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