Spikeology: Mental Toughness Drills for Volleyball

Spikeology: Mental Toughness Drills for Volleyball
Spikeology: Mental Toughness Drills for Volleyball
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Product Description

  • See how "Focus Cues" can help players tune out distractions and prepare to execute a skill
  • Learn training progressions using mental imagery to achieve consistency in physical skills
  • Discover methods for handling stress on the court and converting negative energy to positive energy
  • Learn drills that train a "This Point" mentality; being persistent and focusing on one play at a time
with Jeff Meeker,
Cornell College Head Coach;
7x Conference Coach of the Year; winners of four straight Midwest Conference Championships; led the Rams to five consecutive NCAA Tournaments (2011-15); over 300 career coaching wins; Sport Psychology Professor

Does your team have a "This Point" mentality or do you feel momentum swings during a tough match?

In this video, Jeff Meeker provides coaches of all levels with the tools they need to sharpen and toughen their team's mental game while developing volleyball-specific skills. Through repetition and progression each mental skill is developed from the very basic thought processes through utilizing the processes in game-like situations.

Coach Meeker shares his secrets for training the mental game step-by-step in a practice setting. You will learn how to develop mental toughness in your team using a six-part method.

  • Focus/Concentration
  • Mental Imagery
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • "This Point" Mentality
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Attitude (We before me)
Each topic is thoroughly covered, with progressions and game-like drills to make it easy for any team to implement. The drills develop ball control, blocking, free ball play, down ball play, defense, serving, and more. Throughout, Meeker uses cues and phrases to bring his players' focus back to the task at hand. Now, you can teach your athletes how to get rid of stress or how to "shake off" a bad play.

This DVD goes beyond just showing drills - it will show you how to mentally prepare your team for game time and provide them with the tools and drills they need to maintain focus and concentration.

Give your athletes an edge by preparing them to handle stress and botched plays and to get their heads right back into the game in the right frame of mind. Creating a mentally tough and focused team will give your athletes the upper hand when they step onto the court.

79 minutes. 2012.

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