Speed and Power Workout for Softball

Speed and Power Workout for Softball
Speed and Power Workout for Softball
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Product Description

  • Get your players stronger!
  • Learn workout exercises to develop an explosive lower body
  • Develop better flexibility in your players and avoid injuries
  • Learn drills to increase the speed of your players
  • See different weight training workouts that are appropriate for different age groups so you can train your team without injuring them
with Mike Stith,
founder of Team Mizuno and is the organization's Director of Player Development and College Recruitment; Head Coach for Team Mizuno's 16U Travel Team; 3x ASA National Championship Coach

If you are looking for an edge next season, this DVD provides you with the tools to take your game to the next level! Mike Stith introduces you to the speed and power workouts that have helped prepare his athletes for success on the softball field. Coach Stith's workout helps to promote speed and power, skills are critical for success at the higher levels of the game.

Coach Stith has his athletic trainers take a group of girls aged 9-17 through a full workout of speed and power drills. The drills all begin at a basic level and can be progressed based on the level of your players. The trainers explain the important mechanics of body movement during the drills that are sure to make your players faster and more efficient on the bases.

Dynamic Warm-up and Ladder Drills
It is important to warm-up properly to avoid injury and get the most out of your body. The workout begins with the players performing a 15 exercise dynamic warm-up designed to activate their muscles and increase their heart rate. The group progresses to a series of ladder drills designed to improve footwork by promoting quick feet and coordination. Having quick feet is important for every position on the softball field, but is particularly critical to infielders who much react quickly to get to a ball. The warm-up can be used before a regular practice, or to prepare the body for the speed and power drills in the video.

Drills and Box Jumps
Next, the coach takes the players through a series of "I" drills and "T" drills where the players must sprint or shuffle to set cones, and change directions frequently. Changing directions efficiently is an important skill for softball players as it must be done frequently during games to make plays on both offense and defense. Box jumps, designed to strengthen the legs and promote explosive power, follow the footwork drills. You'll see how to land a jump correctly and how to use arm swing to create power. Explosiveness is a prerequisite for hitting with power and is also important when on defense for getting a jump on any batted ball.

Weightlifting Drills
The younger athletes (8-12 years old) workout will be different than that of the older players. The younger players perform a circuit, where they are doing exercises based on time. Most of their exercises involve using only their body weight for resistance, and learning the correct technique for when they're older and can use heavier weights. It is important to pay attention to developmental differences when working with athletes of different ages, as younger players may not be ready to lift weights due to their physical maturity and growth.

The older players (14-17 years old), who are physically mature, have progressed to lifting actual weights. Lifting weights with correct technique is critical to avoid unnecessary injuries, and something that is emphasized throughout the workout. In this workout, the older players perform three exercises for their lower body and core, and two exercises for their upper body. It is important for athletes to strengthen all areas of their body in order to minimize physical weaknesses.

These workouts prepare the whole body with focuses on keeping the low back and shoulders strong.

The rosters of the country's top college softball teams include many players who have been coached by Mike Stith. Let Coach Stith show you the workouts that have prepared his athletes for success at the next level and beyond!

105 minutes. 2013.

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