Speed, Agility and Quickness for Basketball

Speed, Agility and Quickness for Basketball
Speed, Agility and Quickness for Basketball
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Product Description

  • Get a 12 week movement training progression that will prepare your players to become efficient and explosive
  • Learn techniques and training tips to teach your players how to move properly in a defensive stance, closeout, and sprinting position
  • Learn a variety of on-court and weight room drills to develop basketball speed, agility and quickness
with Kyle Tarp, University of Maryland Director of Basketball Performance

Basketball is a game of inches where every advantage your players have will help them become successful on the court.

Kyle Tarp, Basketball Performance Coach for the University of Maryland, takes you through a 12 week movement training progression leading up to the season. His training allows you to teach complex basketball-specific movements progressively from static stance to multi-directional sprints to help you understand the types of movements and actions your players will face during the course of a game.

Starting from a basic fundamental athletic stance, Coach Tarp outlines every step and movement that your players make and shows you a resistance training exercise to help them explode from an athletic stance. During the course of the training, your players will learn the keys for creating explosive movements, enhance their ability to grasp the explosive concept, and how their training applies on the basketball court to make them a much more explosive athlete.

Movements are taught in three progressive phases (linear, lateral, and multi-directional) and each phase is broken down into:

  • Acquiring the movement though proper posture and separating arm action and leg action
  • Enhancing the movement by putting them together and adding weights or resistance
  • Applying the movement in a game-like drill
Coach Tarp explains the specifics of each movement, what to look for as you train and how to achieve maximum effectiveness from each drill.

Linear Training
Learn to properly use your legs, arms, hands, and hips to maximize your movements and become a more efficient basketball player. Whether it's a simple posture technique or training your players how to properly execute leg action within their sprints, Tarp dissects and corrects these key techniques. Tarp uses a variety of drills in the weight room, on treadmills, on the court, using rubber bands, or body resistance to train your players how to explode into a basketball position. Your players will develop first-step quickness and speed to be able to beat their man offensively off the dribble, and make your transition game more effective.

Lateral Training
Improve your players base stance and their push step mechanics so they can contain their opponents on the defensive end. Learn the keys a player needs to move laterally: Positive shin angles, credit card heels, staying low and balanced, and thumbs at the ears to take away passing lanes. Coach demonstrates static and movement drills that will translate into a fundamental and explosive defensive player.

Multi-Directional Training
Learn the progressive workout that the University of Maryland does to teach explosive closeouts. Tarp uses a variety of techniques and drills in the weight room and on the court that will help your players develop strong and quick arm/hand action as they closeout. Tarp demonstrates a three-step closeout drill that will focus on patterns and quality. He does a great job going in depth and outlining how to train your players to become efficient and explosive athletes using basketball specific training.

Many plays are not made - or not even tried - because players are not in the right place at the right time. Much of this can be corrected by making players more efficient in their movement. Coach Tarp's movement training DVD can help get your players to the next level of speed, agility, and quickness on the basketball court.

110 minutes. 2013.

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