Specialty Shots: Useful Strokes for All Situations

Specialty Shots: Useful Strokes for All Situations
Specialty Shots: Useful Strokes for All Situations
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  • Comprehensive overview of the most utilized 'Specialty Shots' in the game - The Approach, Put Away Shot, Lob, Half Volley, Slice and more!
  • Thorough review of all technical and tactical considerations
  • Terrific instruction for the coach - ideal for the aspiring player
with Eric Wammock,
Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center (Hilton Head Island) Head Tennis Professional; USPTA Elite Professional;
Hilton Head Christian Academy Tennis Coach
(State Runner-up '12, State Semifinals '13);
collegiate All-American, former ITF Professional;
at age 21 was the youngest D-I college head coach ever (VCU);
USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year ('97)

In this excellent DVD, Wammock shares how your body position, or your position on the court, can create a need for specialty shots. All strokes and shots in tennis are variations of the four major strokes - the volley, the forehand, the backhand and serve. Wammock explores all of the most used (and most useful!) specialty shots, and shows how to practice them and when to use them for maximum advantage.

The Approach Shot and the Put Away Shot are taught in detail for both the forehand and backhand. Also covered are the Lob, the Buggy Whip, the Dropshot, and Angle Volley, a Stab Volley, Slices, a Half Volley, Running Down a Lob and a fun one - the 'Tweener.'

You will be a better teacher and your players will all benefit from this great instruction.

60 minutes. 2012.

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