Sonny Dykes: Quick Game

Sonny Dykes: Quick Game
Sonny Dykes: Quick Game
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  • Improve your Football coaching!
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with "Passing attack specialist" Sonny Dykes,
Louisiana Tech Head Coach;
former University of Arizona Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach

Coach Dykes' quick passing game is based on 3-step concepts. Four routes make up the quick game - corner, stick, out and inside. The 10-yard corner is the first of four quick game weapons. The slow 3-step ready slant is another option in this series. On the backside, double slants work well against man and zone coverage. The stick option is the same concept but uses different players. Game footage shows exactly the keys to gaining yardage with the stick. Against quarters coverage, Out is a play similar to a screen pass. This is simply a vertical and an out route to a vertical receiver. This play is used according to opponent coverage and its weaknesses. The final piece of the quick game is the hitch pass play. Inside players run inside and coordinate their route with the quarterback.

38 minutes. 2008.

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