Sonny Dykes: Passing Attack

Sonny Dykes: Passing Attack
Sonny Dykes: Passing Attack
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with "Passing attack specialist" Sonny Dykes,
Louisiana Tech Head Coach;
former University of Arizona Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach

Throwing the ball as many times as possible, with short routes and to people who can score is Sonny Dykes' passing philosophy. This concept is based on a desired 70% completion rate. Screens and play action passes are cornerstones of this passing concept. Practice efficiency comes from developing drills that fit your passing game. Third down efficiency, short yardage and goal line strategies are areas addressed on a consistent basis in practice by Coach Dykes. This package includes a maximum of five run plays. Inside zone, outside zone, power, lead and base are the main running plays. The passing game is broken down into the following areas: seven 5-step passes, five 3-step passes, three play-action passes and three screen plays. In all, these 23 options give flexibility and quality to the offensive attack. Success depends on protection, specific drill work, special teams, post-practice and group work. Dykes, known throughout the football coaching community as the leader in passing attacks, is a big believer in quality versus quantity when building an offensive package.

38 minutes. 2008.

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