Soccer Conditioning Drills and Games with a Ball

Soccer Conditioning Drills and Games with a Ball
Soccer Conditioning Drills and Games with a Ball
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Product Description

Learn to improve and maintain quality of play by performing soccer actions under stress!

  • Train players within four levels of intensity to reach proper fitness
  • Learn how to utilize a soccer ball while conditioning
  • Learn to dominate your opponents physically while maintaining sharpened ball skills throughout the entirety of a match

with Ben Paneccasio,
Men's and Women's Performance Specialist Coach at Grand Canyon University

Soccer is a sport that demands long periods of running and long bouts of concentration on the ball no matter what age. Physically, players need speed, power, agility and quickness to be successful with the ball against an opponent.

Ben Paneccasio gives you everything you need to know to set up your own conditioning program to help get your team in shape, along with touches necessary to win. In this video, he demonstrates how to utilize the four energy zone progressions needed for players to be physically ready to play soccer at a high level.

You'll see how to combine training zones with playing zones. Each zone has different levels of fitness goals to achieve along with drills to use for the zone. This incorporates technical work with conditioning rates and gets your players to focus on technique:

  • Zone 1 - longer duration; lower pace
  • Zone 2 - medium duration; moderate intensity (aerobic power)
  • Zone 3 - shorter duration; high intensity (anaerobic power)
  • Zone 4 - short duration; maximum intensity (anaerobic endurance)

He walks you through the four energy zones step-by-step with diagrams, PowerPoints, and on-field exercises. You'll see how to go from light to maximum effort with easy to follow guidelines. Games can also be used in the progressions. You can copy Coach Paneccasio's drills or create your own using the energy zone progressions.

Coach Paneccasio gives you the ability to mix fitness and soccer without losing time just sprinting up and back on the field. The activities in this video are mentally engaging, challenging and fun. Your players won't even realize they're doing the conditioning part of practice!

55 minutes. 2017.

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