Snow Valley Basketball School Presents: Individual Defense Development

Snow Valley Basketball School Presents: Individual Defense Development
Snow Valley Basketball School Presents: Individual Defense Development
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  • Learn what a defensive stance should look like and why!
  • Learn how to defend the down screen against a star shooter
  • Learn how to defend the screen and roll using "show and recover" tactics, rather than switching which creates match-up problems
  • Coach Lockes' 8 Stage Developmental Warm-Up Drill used by NBA players to develop footwork, positioning, shot fakes, rip-throughs, etc. while developing muscle memory with each hand
featuring Tates Locke, Former NCAA and NBA Coach

Snow Valley Basketball Camp is one of the premier camps in the nation. Featured in Sports Illustrated as one of the best fundamental basketball camps in the country, the camp's primary focus is on helping players improve their individual basketball skills in every area of the game. Each camp contains an outstanding group of experienced high school, college and professional coaches selected for their ability to teach the game.

In this series, Tates Locke takes you through five intense defensive sessions from the renowned Snow Valley Basketball Camp. You will learn an advanced progression of skills you can use to rebuild your defensive game and develop a lock down mentality on the court. Defensive stance, jumping to the ball, defending the screen and roll, and defensive transition are all addressed by Coach Locke.

The most important and only weapon you have against your man is your feet. Your feet are what will get you to the next level. Coach Locke shows you how to use basic defensive drills to build a foundation for shutdown defense.

ON BALL DEFENSE: Ball & Wings (29 minutes)
Transition from guarding a man without the ball to guarding the man with the ball. Coach Locke teaches you how to defend the ball as soon as your man receives it, how to take the offense out of its rhythm, and provides 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 drills you can use to teach and practice these essential concepts.

OFF BALL DEFENSE: (20 minutes):
Learn to effectively shut down your man when he doesn't have the ball. Coach Locke provides his five core responsibilities to make you effective and takes you through segments on contesting screens, defending the flasher and how to defend the wing to wing action.

Prevent mismatches and force the ballhandler to reverse dribble or pick up his dribble using Locke's show and recover techniques. Locke reinforces ball-side/help-side recognition using various versions of the Shell Drill. These shell drills focus on constant communication and on the ball-you-man triangle to keep the offense in check.

This session covers one of the most difficult, but most important, parts of the game — transition defense. Coach Locke puts the campers through a series of drills that train players to communicate, sprint to help, recover, and stop penetration and block out. Drills include 2 v 1, 3 v 3 and 3 v 2 sets, and culminate in a full court 5 v 5 drill that emphasizes sprinting back by the defense.

Learn the secrets of lock down defense today!

Snow Valley Basketball Camp provides its campers with all of the critical fundamentals and technical skills needed to become a top player. With this video set, Snow Valley gives you an inside look into what makes it so popular amongst coaches and players across the country.

135 minutes. 2012.

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