Small Drills for Offensive Lacrosse Fundamentals

Small Drills for Offensive Lacrosse Fundamentals
Small Drills for Offensive Lacrosse Fundamentals
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Product Description

  • Train your players to read the defense and make the appropriate pass
  • Don't get into a rhythm, take advantage of what the defense gives you
  • Train your athletes to play without the ball
with Ricky Fried,
Georgetown University Head Women's Lacrosse Coach,
US Women's National Team Head Coach,
2010 Big East Coach of the Year;
5x Big East Champions;
2009 FIL World Cup Champions

Improve your players' confidence and cohesiveness by focusing on fundamentals is compact situations.

In his first seven years at the helm, Ricky Fried has guided Georgetown to five Big East Conference Championships and five appearances in the NCAA Tournament. His success is the result of building fundamentals through drill work.

After a quick explanation of stick handling fundamentals, you will see eight, small drill progressions--with and without a goal. As your players progress, these progressions allow you to add defenders to make the drills more challenging.

Fried's drills will help train your players to:

  • Make quick decisive passes with direct routs
  • Read the defense quicker to make the best pass
  • Look off the defense to get a clear passing lane to the correct attacker
  • Improve their peripheral vision and more
Fried delivers an overview of his motion offensive system on the marker board and on the field. This interchanging offense allows your athletes to quickly get organized off a break and attack the defense before they get organized. It gives players the freedom to make plays and emphasizes movement without the ball.

Keep defenses at bay by training your athletes in these essential lacrosse skills!

93 minutes. 2011.

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