Small Ball: Tips and Training

Small Ball: Tips and Training
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Change your small ball philosophy from sacrificing outs to creating a big inning!

  • Teach right-handed hitters how to play small ball and give all of your players different ways to bunt, slap, and swing
  • Alter placement of the feet, hands, and eyes to produce good bat control and improve contact with the ball
  • Teach your defense how to guard against a small ball opponent

with Shonda Stanton,
Indiana University Head Coach;
former Marshall University Head Coach;
the winningest coach in Marshall softball history;
2017 Conference USA Coach of the Year;
2013 Conference USA Tournament Champions; 4x Conference champions;
former Coach for the Akron Racers of the Women's Professional Fastpitch League

Learn from the master of small ball herself, Shonda Stanton. Speed can be a game changer in softball games, as fast batters apply pressure to the defense. Coach Stanton opens up her playbook to introduce ways that will allow your team's offense to overpower your opponent. From bunting and slapping mechanics, to small ball for right-handed batters, Coach Stanton covers everything you need to know about playing small ball for big results.

Bunt and Slap Mechanics

Coach Stanton runs through the mechanics of bunting and slapping from the left side, and shows you the footwork that will get your slappers out of the box and down the line faster. It's vital for coaches to have a solid understanding of bunting technique. Coach Stanton breaks down the sacrifice bunt, bunt for hit, split bunt and the two-hand drag so that your team will understand not only when to use them, but the proper form as well.

It's nearly impossible to defend against a great slapper. This video will help you teach your slappers how to be most effective with the power slap, soft slap, regular slap and bouncers. Coach Stanton also teaches how to hit in motion and swing away. When your slappers become a triple threat, they'll become the most dangerous players on the field.

Small Ball for Right Handers

Lefties aren't the only ones who get to have fun with small ball - right-handers can join in too! Teach your right-handed hitters how to lay down a bunt, slap the ball, or bunt for a base hit to make them harder for defenses to defend.

Small Ball Drills

Coach Stanton believes in teaching in progressions, starting a drill out small and gradually building up in difficulty. Learn five bunt progression drills and five slap progression drills that take your lefties from a basic, stationary position and build to them running full speed through the box. In the One Glove Drill, batters wear their fielding glove on their back arm and catch the ball with their glove instead of a bat to practice bunting the ball. Push your lefties to become triple threats with two hitting away drills.

It's essential for players to work on fundamentals in batting practice, but they need to perform under pressure in practice before they can be successful in a game. Coach Stanton introduces you to several mini games that your team can play to prepare them for the stress of the game.

Defense vs Small Ball

Great teams know how to play small ball and they know how to find weaknesses in the defense. At the same time Coach Stanton teaches your offense, she will show your defense how to counter. When your defense is prepared, there are minimal holes for the offense to exploit.

Any coach who wants multidimensional athletes climbing into the batter's box will benefit from Coach Stanton's approach. There's a logical progression of teaching combined with effective skill development drills that are sure to make a positive impact on your team. Open up the options in your offense by using these small ball tricks to generate big results!

66 minutes. 2017.

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