Skills without Drills: Dynamic "Over the Net" Training Techniques

Skills without Drills: Dynamic "Over the Net" Training Techniques
Skills without Drills: Dynamic "Over the Net" Training Techniques
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Product Description

  • Learn how to use 5 minutes of chaos to help your athletes increase their critical thinking skills and succeed
  • Incorporate the latest technology into practice sessions to improve learning
  • Layer your skill drills in the most effective way to get your team to do what you want them to do
with Mark Massey, University of Puget Sound Head Coach;
1992 NCAA D-II National Coach of the Year; 3 NWC Conference Championship; 2x NWC Coach of the Year

Learn how to teach faster and better!

Mark Massey covers everything he thinks you need to know as a coach about skill development, which will instantly turn your practice time into an incredible learning environment. In Skills without Drills, you will learn through live game play examples how to "shape the court" so that it automatically "shapes skill behaviors" FOR you. We will explore dynamic new skill training formulas, fun formats, and little-used (but simple and powerful) feedback methods to help you learn how to blend the science of learning . . . with the art of coaching volleyball.

Drills are drills, but how they are run and how feedback is given is what makes them effective. Coach Massey explains some very simple but powerful ways to use feedback in your gym during the simplest of drills. With the use of high school aged players, Massey takes you through some drills and demonstrates how he uses his techniques to help players evaluate themselves to become better at whatever skill they are focusing on. You will learn how to run an effective practice by yourself, or by using untrained people to be assistant coaches.

Coach Massey discusses the use of the latest video apps for iPad. These apps will provide immediate feedback for your team and can be a very powerful coaching tool. He demonstrates how to best utilize these apps that will instantly turn practices into learning environments. His very simple to follow methods make it easy for anyone to assist with practices by giving feedback or using electronic devices.

Throughout the video, Coach Massey explains some of his powerful methods that he uses during practices such as layering, 3x10 method, Xontro and MTW fading. All of these methods will instantly make your players put more focus into their practice time and skill development. He changes the way feedback is giving during practice sessions by using different methods such as vocal choices, the thumb system, and the use of video apps.

Coaches of all levels will learn how to maximize player development with the simple use of voice cues, visual cues and the latest technology. By adjusting how you structure your games and drills, as well as learning how to give better feedback, you can help your players learn at an accelerated rate.

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

50 minutes. 2013.

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