Skills & Drills to Develop the Complete Lacrosse Player

Skills & Drills to Develop the Complete Lacrosse Player
Skills & Drills to Develop the Complete Lacrosse Player
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  • Learn simple individual exercises that build to game-like situations and allow players to push their own development within the practice setting
  • See shuttle drills that maximize player involvement during practice
  • Learn ground ball exercises to develop on-field situational awareness
with Chris Robinson,
former McDonogh School Head Girls Lacrosse Coach;
2016, 2017 ALL-USA Today Girls Lacrosse Coach of the Year and 2015 - 2017 ALL-USA Today Girls Lacrosse Team of the Year;
2010 - 2017 LaxPower High School Girls Lacrosse National Champions;
coached the national high school record of 177 consecutive wins; overall coaching record of 341-18-1.

Get "traditional" lacrosse drills framed within a competitive atmosphere.

The development of individual skills is the foundation for a successful lacrosse organization. Chris Robinson has provided an easy to follow blueprint suited for any organization committed to improving the development of their players. Coach Robinson demonstrates drills and skills though a progression of exercises that start with basic, individual skills and build to game-like situational experience.

Practice begins with one-on-one passing drills. Right and left handed proficiency is emphasized as players work through various passing techniques designed to help them develop basic skills. Other drills include:

  • Ground ball play techniques intended to develop on-field situational awareness.
  • Shuttle drills designed to maximize player involvement.
  • Grid drills that encourage competitiveness and simulate game situations.
  • Transition play that brings together all of the individual skills taught and allows the players to sharpen their skill in a game setting.

Coach Robinson's drills maximize active player participation. Almost every drill shown was designed to increase player involvement and yet still allow for detailed coach oversight. Players are encouraged to "take risks" in an effort to build their confidence and improve performance. As the repetition of drills progress, techniques are added to develop the exercises into offensive and defensive game situation drills.

All of the drills shown can be modified to facilitate the needs of any organization from youth to college for both boys and girls lacrosse. Coach Robinson successfully engages his players with competitive practice skills and reward contests designed to encourage players to work harder and have fun with practice.

These are the drills that helped create the nation's number one rated girls lacrosse team as recognized by US Lacrosse and ESPN. Think of how much this DVD can do for your organization.

63 minutes. 2012.

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