Skills & Drills for a Winning Practice

Skills & Drills for a Winning Practice
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Get all the drills you need to run a successful practice and build a winning team!

  • See how to effectively warm up a goalie before practice (or games) to improve technique and confidence
  • Learn a checking routine that helps players be safe while aggressively trying to get the ball
  • Discover how to make your attackers more effective inside the 12

with Mike Faith,
Franklin & Marshall Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA DIII Final Four appearances (2016-17);
2x Centennial Conference Champions (2017 & 2015);
former Elizabethtown College Head Coach,
2x Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Champs and 2x MAC Coach of the Year;
Division III All-American midfielder at Salisbury University

While offering insights and explanations that illustrate why his programs are consistently successful, Mike Faith provides a blueprint to run an outstanding practice. In this 'open practice' session, Coach Faith leads you through drills & skills for both the offense and defense. From goalie and team warm-ups through the closing scrimmage, see how the fundamentals of the game are worked as units, and as a team.

Easy to follow whiteboard explanations followed by clear and well-paced live video will give you the confidence you need to present these drills to your team. Every aspect of the game is covered so you won't leave your team unprepared for their first game.


Coach Faith starts by warming up the goalie for the shots she will see during the practice. He then leads the team through a series of warm-up drills that focus on competitive ground balls, partner passing, and a weave.

The warm-up session transitions to the split offense/defense section of practice through a progressive 1v1 drill, as well as working on simulated fast breaks.

Offense and Defense Split Session

Join the defense as they work on footwork, ground balls, and stick checks. Learn how to more efficiently make use of practice time by adding footwork into your ground ball drills. Work through a series of five drills that help your defenders practice their stick checks from both the front and the back, and in varying situations.

On the offensive side, learn to get your attackers to the net through a series of three drills that work on the footwork and movement required to beat defenders and create opportunities.

Full Team Practice

Watch as Coach Faith works on center draws, including the players taking the draw as well as how the circle players help by boxing out. See how the skills worked on to this point in the practice are utilized to make you successful in this key moment of every game. Watch as the team works on another critical part of every game: the man-up/man-down situation. See how to attack and defend during these 2-minute drills.

Coach Faith ends practice with a full field, then 7v7 scrimmage. This is a great way to help solidify the skills worked on during the practice by applying them to a game situation.

This video is a guide to running a practice that emphasizes both individual and team development, complete with X's and O's and full explanation of drills and concepts.

90 minutes. 2017.

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