Skill Development for Post Players

Skill Development for Post Players
Skill Development for Post Players
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Product Description

  • Improve player aggressiveness on the boards and develop moves to finish around the rim
  • Learn a progressive workout routine to teach players a go-to move and a counter
  • Discover a drill series to build basic post player movements and advance back-to-the-basket skills

with Rob Senderoff, Kent State Head Coach;
2017 MAC Tournament Champions;
2015 MAC Regular Season Champions

As an assistant coach for the past 15 years, Coach Senderoff has focused on post players. Over that time, he has created a progressive system for developing well-rounded post skills for any offensive system. Featuring over 14 drills and variations, this DVD offers challenging workouts to build post players confidence and moves in the post.

Coach Senderoff builds a complete post player from the ground up starting with the player's ability to handle the basketball to create space in the post for a scoring opportunity. He uses everyday equipment to work post players harder around the rim, making their normal motions in a game easier and more fluid. With each drill, players develop an aggressive mentality that includes finishing off two feet, ripping strong to the rim, and chinning the ball before creating a scoring opportunity.

The hook shot, which gives the offensive player a chance to protect the ball, is one of the fundamental shots that Coach Senderoff stresses. After an initial warm-up series of hook shots, Coach Senderoff teaches players how to counter this simple move. He continually stresses that post players don't need several different moves; they simply need a few moves to counter the basic hook shot. He goes on to teach a few simple counters that will be effective in almost any situation.

Coach Sederoff's complete "Chair Drill" series is designed to give post players confidence to be successful at finishing around the rim against any opponent. He shares a go-to move and a counter move with and without a dribble. These techniques will make post players an unstoppable presence against any defender.

In the "Duke" series, players gain another level of scoring in the post as they learn to face up and look to attack the rim using jabs, bump fakes, rip throughs, and footwork around the rim.

Whether it's the fundamental warm-up routine or the in-depth look at key aspects to being successful in the post, Coach Senderoff's drills and insights will build stronger, more successful players. Athletes who are willing to work hard and train with an open mind will develop the necessary skills to make them an unstoppable force in the paint.

Produced at the Fall 2011 Cleveland (OH) Clinic.

79 minutes. 2013.

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