Skill Development Drills: Serving

Skill Development Drills: Serving
Skill Development Drills: Serving
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  • Learn how to serve tough to make the rest of the game easier on your team
  • Teach your players fundamental serving techniques step-by-step to increase their tempo and improve their accuracy
  • Learn drills for training techniques and tactics for the individual and the team that will give your players an advantage from the first contact of every point
with Kent Miller, St. Louis University Head Women's Volleyball Coach;
1992 U.S. Olympic Team Assistant Coach, Assistant Coach to Team USA World Grand Prix (Gold Medal)

Every rally begins with the serve, but is your team gaining an advantage every time they serve? In this presentation, Kent Miller takes a comprehensive look at serving and how you can train your team to serve more efficiently and aggressively. You will learn 13 drills that focus on serving technique, tactical serving and team play.

Serving Strategies
Using a whiteboard, Coach Miller stresses the significance, objectives and strategies of serving. His in-depth analysis of serving styles and how to best use personnel are more valuable than any drill. His philosophical approach to serving will be an eye opener for any coach who ranks serving low on his or her strategic priorities list.

You will learn what to work on to give your team a strong advantage from the service line. And how working on serving time, pace, profile, contact, metrics and drill design can play a huge role in your team's serving success.

Serving Mechanics
On the court, Coach Miller focuses on mechanics. You will learn how to perform the float serve, jump float and jump spin serve. Miller shows the essential techniques for the toss, footwork, contact and body mechanics for each serve, using an easy-to-follow format that simplifies the teaching process.

Serving Drills
The last segment of the presentation includes a series of drills for working on everything that has previously been explained. Coach Miller begins with a warm-up drill and then proceeds to technique and tactical drills.

The technique drills use partners to provide feedback since a coach cannot always be present. The techniques of each type of serve are practiced while serving lines and diagonals are short and deep.

The tactical drills work on teaching the strategies of the game while giving players the necessary repetitions for mastery. These strategy drills cover such things as zone serving, serving at passers, serving between passers, serving to specific passers and avoiding certain passers. The last drill is a competitive drill that not only works on serving strategies but also gives a team's serve receive passers some competition. This drill may be well known but Coach Miller adds a unique twist on how to score it that is realistic to the game of volleyball.

Pressuring your opponent with a tough serve is critical in today's game, with offenses becoming more dynamic and complex. Using classroom sessions, technique drills and tactical drills, this presentation gives you a full toolbox for making your team great at the skill of serving. Covering everything from fundamentals to higher-level strategy, this presentation will help any program improve in the practice gym and on the competition court.

59 minutes. 2015.

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