Skill Development Drills: Defense

Skill Development Drills: Defense
Skill Development Drills: Defense
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  • Learn how to teach defensive skills and how to cultivate the courage and heart to pursue every ball
  • Learn how to use competitive drills to cultivate determination and focused effort
  • Get game-like drills that teach defensive players the process of how to move and how to read hitters
with Mike Johnson, University of Notre Dame Head Coach;
former Xavier University Head Coach; averaged more than 20 wins per year the last five seasons; three consecutive runner-up finishes in the Atlantic 10 Conference

Notre Dame Associate Head Coach Mike Johnson presents an effective, comprehensive tool for developing the two most critical aspects of defense: skill and heart. Coach Johnson introduces a series of warm-up drills and competitive game-like drills for maximizing reps and cultivating a "never quit" defensive spirit.

Every drill in this video revolves around players hitting or attacking balls to defenders. Defenders work on different types of digs but everything is realistic to the game or game situations. All of these drills help to develop defensive skills while also allowing players to work on offensive skills.

Defensive Posture, Floor Skills & Warm-up Drills
Coach Johnson emphasizes the need for good defensive posture and the importance of "building your platform" behind the ball. He provides an organized presentation on how to teach both of these skills and he demonstrates effective drills for training these skills.

You will also learn basic floor skills such as digging high and low balls and digging balls outside the body. Since not every ball can be played with a forearm pass, you will also see defensive techniques such as the sprawl, pancake and fist.

Coach Johnson pulls it all together with a warm-up drill that forces players to randomly use each skill as they would in a game.

Competitive Games & Drills
In these drills, players are rewarded by either performing correct techniques or based on the outcome of their action. While fun and competitive, these drills also teach basic defensive skills and build a defensive mindset in players. Here are a few of the drills that you will see in this presentation:

  • Coaches on Boxes - Emphasizes the need to be "stopped and balanced" and to make a "good first step" while playing defense. Performed in a game-like setting, this drill rewards a player for making the right defensive moves or rewards the outcome of a good pass.
  • Going for a Run - Building on the theme of being "stopped and balanced" and taking a good first step, this drill adds live hitters so that defenders can learn to read hitters. Coach Johnson shares cues you can use to help defenders make the correct reads.
  • Step-Play-Swing - This is an effective drill for getting all your players involved, offensively and defensively. Hitters toss to themselves and then attack a group of defenders who need to read the hitters' intent. This requires the defender to call out and communicate with the other defensive players. This game-like drill that can be used to teach skills or used as a warm-up drill.

Coach Johnson covers individual defense in a very unique way. All you need to do is emphasize the defensive process and give feedback as the players are engaged in game-action drills. Even experienced coaches will find a new way to improve players' defensive skills using the techniques given in this excellent presentation.

By teaching and performing these drills, your team will develop the two elements needed to play successful defense: heart and skill.

72 minutes. 2015.

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