Situational Training and Drills for Wrestling

Situational Training and Drills for Wrestling
Situational Training and Drills for Wrestling
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Product Description

  • Get an inside look at the intensity of live wrestling practices in the Iowa State University wrestling room
  • Learn hand-fighting skills that create openings and angles for your offense
  • Learn to re-shoot from both sides off of your opponent's shot
  • Take an inside look at a proven strength and conditioning workout that will help you peak physically at championship time
with Kevin Jackson,
National Freestyle Developmental Coach;
2017 US Men's Junior World Freestyle Team Head Coach;
former Iowa State University Head Coach;
1992 Olympic Gold Medalist; 3x World Champion; former US World Team Coach; 4x NCAA DI All American wrestler; distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Join Kevin Jackson as he takes you through three days of live practice on the Iowa State University campus. Jackson delivers a behind-the-scenes look at what has made him so successful and why Olympic and world team members come back to Ames to train.

Coach Jackson and his staff go through all aspects of creating a championship program in the wrestling room and in the weight room. In this DVD set you will see how practice is run and organized just five weeks before the NCAA tournament.

Over the course of three days you will see two workouts in the wrestling room and a conditioning workout in the weight room. Among the features of this set include:

  • Combative Hand Fighting - Give your wrestlers an edge at the start of a match. Learn how to put your wrestlers through drills that include hand fighting on the head and hand fighting with the wrists. Train your wrestlers to use their whole body to keep pressure and increase attack options. Jackson emphasizes the head/hand relationship, looking for a re-shot.
  • Leg Finishes - Master the fine points of finishing leg attacks. Many times this is the difference between scoring a takedown and not scoring.
  • Set-ups - Jackson spends a great deal of time on advanced set-ups to get past your opponent's defense for high percentage takedowns.
  • Riding Situations - Theses are "must win" situations. To be successful you have to be able to keep your opponent on the mat. See how to use your legs more on the breakdown in your riding routine and carry your weight when flat on the mat.
  • Live Combat - Learn how important live combative situation wrestling is, as it gives his athletes' a competitive advantage in close matches. Coach Jackson's physical combative wrestling style is stressed during the wrestling sessions.
  • Weight Room - See a weight lifting circuit routine that is wrestling specific and will help you peak physically for the season's end. The addition of explosiveness and strength will enhance the moves and skills you teach in your room. This routine builds explosiveness, upper body strength, lower body power and injury prevention.

Demanding hard work and physical and mental toughness is a trade mark of the Iowa State program and this DVD set will undoubtedly help any coach. Whether it is in the weight room or wrestling room, you will see how Coach Jackson has built his tradition of winning and how you can build yours.

205 minutes (2 DVDs). 2012.

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