Situational Team Defense: Strategies and Drills

Situational Team Defense: Strategies and Drills
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A systematic approach to building a high level team defense!

  • Learn the importance of a systematic cutoff and relay system and how to execute eight different situations that can occur on the bases
  • Get a series of six "quick drills" to help teach and implement some of the finer points of fundamental defensive play
  • Learn how to teach and drill a fly ball communication system to help provide a safer and more productive method of defending fly balls

with Barry Davis,
Rider University Head Coach; over 900 career wins;
3x MAAC Coach of the Year, 2x MAAC Tournament Champions;
former Gloucester County College Head Coach;
4x NJCAA Division III National Champions;
4x NJCAA Division III National Coach of the Year;
member of the NJCAA Hall of Fame (2016);

Barry Davis takes you, play by play, through his playbook and how he drills defensive situations into his fielders. Through a series of drills, Davis focuses on eight baserunning situations that he feels are critical to success in the field. Using whiteboard breakdowns and on-the-field demonstrations, Davis shows you how to defend against runners trying to take an extra base, as well as bunt and situational defenses.

Defending Runners (Cuts, Relays and Rundowns)

Coach Davis takes you through the eight possible runner on base scenarios and how to defend each of them, no matter where the ball is hit. No matter where the runners are, your fielders will be prepared and know where to go with the ball. You'll view:

  • Cutoff drills - Fielders learn the importance of communication, efficiency, and accuracy while maximizing putouts.
  • Rundowns - Fielders learn to maximize outs during putouts while incorporating pitchers as effective defenders.

Bunt Defense

Prepare for those critical, game-changing bunt situations. As Davis explains, the bigger the game, the bigger the bunting game. Davis explains the typical bunt situations and how to defend them properly. When the game is close, the ability of your team to defend the bunt is often a determining factor in winning and losing.

Drills for Situational Defense

Learn six 'quick drill' variations to get all of your fielders situational reps, all in a quick (3-5 minute per drill) setting. Drills cover:

  • Different situations for bunt defense.
  • 3-1 put outs with the pitcher covering first base along with a bunt defense to third base.
  • The pick-off game at first base and third base, as well as middle infield DP feeds.
  • Double play combinations between the pitcher and the infielders.

Coach Davis puts a new spin on the classic 27 Outs drill that ties all the aspects of team defense together in one productive drill. Instead of using baserunners, Davis puts his team on the clock. The fielders must get the ball to the appropriate base in less than a designated time, or the defense is not credited with an out. Put pressure on your defense using the stopwatch!

Use this great video to learn how to develop an airtight defense!

130 minutes. 2018.

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