Situational Pitching and Recognizing Hitters

Situational Pitching and Recognizing Hitters
Situational Pitching and Recognizing Hitters
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with Chris Sinacori,
former Peoria Mariners Pitching Coach (Seattle Mariners Rookie League affiliate);
former Wake Forest University Pitching Coach;
former Arizona State University Pitching Coach

Chris Sinacori shares the secrets to becoming a successful pitcher which helped him win a gold medal as a member of the USA Baseball Junior Olympic team in 1988. Sinacori stresses the importance of having three pitches in your arsenal that will help you in game situations. Sinacori carefully demonstrates grips, and emphasizes the mechanics and follow-through of some popular pitches - such as the 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, cut fastball, curveball, slider, and multiple forms of the change-up. Each pitch is broken down thoroughly showing four angles of the hand to display positions for right and left-handers. Sinacori then goes over situational pitching and the thought processes a dominant pitcher must go through. Sinacori informs you how to handle situations such as: runners on base, pitching around a particular hitter, forcing the batter to hit into a double play, hit and run situations and what to look for when going against a batter in a bunt situation. With the information on this video and a little practice, you will help build an assertive pitcher that will be able to work the plate and keep opposing batters unbalanced.

37 minutes. 2004.

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