Situational Hitting: Team Drills to Manufacture More Runs

Situational Hitting: Team Drills to Manufacture More Runs
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Incorporate situational practice drills to develop offensive-minded players!

  • Learn techniques to teach players to compete and become comfortable with pressure situations
  • Get a hitting exam to evaluate each of your hitters' strengths and weaknesses
  • Use a bunt scrimmage and front toss flip scrimmage to work on offensive and defensive execution, situational hitting, and base running

with Edwin Thompson,
Eastern Kentucky University Head Coach

Coach Thompson's 2017 Eastern Kentucky Colonel's offense ranked among the top 50 in the nation in home runs per game, home runs, slugging percentage, scoring, batting average, doubles per game, runs, and hits.

Everyone has seen and maybe even been part of a traditional batting practice that's boring, mindless, and only mildly effective. Well, there's no more need to follow that model in your practices! Coach Edwin Thompson demonstrates 10 team drills that you'll be able to use to develop a juggernaut offense.

Learn how Thompson changes the approach rapidly to keep players focused on new goals with almost every swing. Make practices more competitive by challenging your hitters to pass a hitting exam. Then, get the whole team involved with competitive bunt and flip scrimmages, as well as different versions of batting practice.

Coach Thompson employs a unique approach to baseball: evaluate your players' strengths to adjust your offense to those strengths. Through a series of stations, players perform all possible in-game situations they can face in a real game.

Hitting Exam

Hitters need to be prepared for situations where the game is on the line and they have to get the bunt down, or when they must get a 2-out hit with runners on base. Help simulate that game-like pressure in practice by having your hitters complete a hitting exam. Thompson uses this as a benchmark for players and it helps him understand how to develop a player development plan that's specific to their skills.

In four rounds of batting practice, the hitter will be given various tasks for each swing, and will have to be successful a certain number of times to pass the test. Knowing what type of hitters you have allows you to structure practices for each hitter to capitalize on their strengths.

Bunt and Flip Scrimmage

Get the whole team involved with either bunt or flip scrimmages, where you can work simultaneously on offense and defense.

  • Bunt scrimmage - A fun approach to encourage your hitters to make reads and develop their sacrifice, drag, and push bunt skills.
  • Flip scrimmage - A live and fast-paced approach to helping base runners and hitters improve their offensive mindset and ability to execute in different situations.

Batting Practice

Coach Thompson offers seven different versions of batting practice to challenge hitters with varying goals, purposes, and intensities. In one particular pressure batting practice drill, a hitter has to learn to deal with distractions, including hecklers. The coach will have teammates stand around the cage, yelling and trying to distract the hitter, forcing them to focus if they want to be successful.

Every baseball team wants to gain effectiveness and efficiency in their batting practice. This video gives you the blueprint to do just that! Coach Thompson shows you how to help your players prepare to compete and execute under pressure.

71 minutes. 2018.

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