Situational Hitting & Baserunning Strategies

Situational Hitting & Baserunning Strategies
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Build a better mechanical swing and create more scoring opportunities on offense!

  • See a fundamental drill sequence that will train players to be more consistent with their swing and become more effective hitters
  • Learn drills to work on zone hitting, teaching players to focus on pitches they can master
  • Practice base running fundamentals with a complete baserunning circuit in a live practice setting

with Jim Gantt,
Catawba College Head Coach, over 680 career wins;
7x South Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year;
2015 National Runner-up

Teams that have offenses that can perform in crunch time are the ones that win championships. With this video, Coach Jim Gantt offers you a resource that helps enhance bat speed and hitting power, advance base running prowess, and internalize situational hitting expectations.

Using a progression of defensive drills, Gantt provides drills to work on hitting power, torque development, bat path enhancement, hitting effectiveness, baserunning mastery, and situational awareness.

Breakdown Drills to Advance Team Offense

Learn how to develop effective hitters that can contribute to any offense when they are needed the most. Coach Gantt and his staff reveal the progression formula they use to develop their offense.

What starts as player-specific drills of tee work, soft toss and front toss morphs into situational batting practice, which ultimately unfolds into a complete offensive game plan.

Drills include:

  • Torque Drill and Standing Torque Drill to improve core function with every baseball swing
  • 1-2-3 Drill and 1-3 Drill for players to feel proper swing sequencing
  • On-Time Drill and Late-Time Drill to focus on swing timing
  • A zone hitting drill to train hitters to drive the ball to the correct area of the field depending on where it's pitched
  • Load/overload drills to work on bat speed, hand path development, and hitting power
  • And more!
Additionally, Coach Gantt provides baserunning drills to work on situational intellectualism and effective running - a forgotten offensive tool!

The instruction in this video allows individual uniqueness and style to exist as Coach Gantt and staff resist the common urge of "cookie cutter" swing mechanics. Gantt's program does an excellent job of formulating an offensive game plan that intertwines situational zone hitting with intelligent baserunning technique.

61 minutes. 2017.

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