Situational Defense Packages

Situational Defense Packages
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A unique look to coaching that helps create an efficient, productive defense!

  • Hear Coach Didier explain the areas in the defense's alignment that the offense is most likely to attack
  • Discover complimentary coverages to Cover 4
  • Learn the USF 3-4 package and situational blitzes

with Joey Didier,
University of St. Francis Co-Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs Coach;
2016 NAIA National Champions, 3x NAIA National Runner-Up (2004-06)

Learn how one of the most successful programs in NAIA develops situational defensive packages!

Joey Didier explains his defensive philosophy, the process used to create a more efficient defense, and the steps that he and his staff go through when planning for game-specific situations. This includes how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your base defense and how to compensate for the weaknesses in certain situations. You'll learn from Coach Didier:

  • The basic strengths and weaknesses of the USF 4-2-5 cover 4 defense.
  • How they evaluate their defensive scheme at the end of each season from an offensive perspective.
  • How they construct complements to their base defense that allow them to combat specific weaknesses in their base scheme.
  • How they identify the best players to maximize the defensive personnel.

Complementary Coverages to Cover 4

A significant portion of this presentation is devoted to complementary coverages to the USF Cover 4 defense.

  • Learn the USF Cover 6, which is the perfect every-down complement to Cover 4.
  • Learn how to adjust the Cover 6 coverage to account for 3x1 sets and empty sets.
  • Learn how USF plays the "Tampa 2" Cover 2 defense as a complement to their base Cover 4 and Cover 6 defensive coverages.
  • Learn a simple "simulated pressure" that can be used with Cover 6.
  • 3rd Down 3-4 Defensive Package

    The presentation concludes with Didier sharing the 3-4 defense package that can be used as a third down "nickel" or "dime" package.

    • Learn how they determine what sub packages they use from year to year.
    • Learn the responsibilities of each player in the 3-4 package.
    • Learn how to use the 3-4 against the run and how to create pressure from the 3-4.

    This is a great video for any defensive coach. Coach Didier does an excellent job at presenting the thought process behind constructing a situational approach to defense and the specifics of how to get it done!

    51 minutes. 2018.

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