Situational Baseball Drills for Batting Practice

Situational Baseball Drills for Batting Practice
Situational Baseball Drills for Batting Practice
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Product Description

  • Learn how to change the way you hit based on the situation
  • Hit the ball to the opposite field more effectively
  • Improve your team's mental approach at the plate
  • Coach Schaefer has helped guide Point Loma Nazarene to eight consecutive postseason appearances as well as two NAIA World Series appearances and NAIA national runner up in 2009
with Joe Schaefer,
Northwest Nazarene University Head Coach;
former Point Loma Nazarene University Head Coach;
2009 NAIA national runner up; two NAIA World Series appearances;
two conference championships; Eight consecutive postseason appearances

Teach your hitters how to change their hitting strategy based on the situation they are facing.

In this extensive baseball video, Joe Schaefer shares eight complete hitting drills you can use to raise the level of intensity in your batting practice. Designed to maximize the number and quality of swings in each practice, these drills are executed in a game-like manner and many include a competitive element.

Schaefer's drills include:

  • Execution Batting Practice Drill: Get all of your hitters on the field at once under the direction of one coach-perfect for a team with a small coaching staff.
  • Two-Strike Drill: Learn to hit off-speed pitches and drive a mistake fastballs that are over the plate.
  • Three-Tee Drill: Enable your athletes to hit pitches to different areas of the field based on pitch location.
  • Angle Batting Practice: Develops the ability to drive breaking pitches to opposite field.
  • Cross Angle Batting Practice: Works on hitting the slider and advancing runners.
  • Push/Drag Challenge: Improve focus and bunt placement while breaking up the monotony of every day practice.
  • Oppo Hitting Game: Improve your approach to hitting an outside pitch and focus on driving the ball on a line or on the ground to the opposite field.
  • Three-lane Drill: Affords an opportunity for players to see the ball and react to its location.

Make the most out of every base runner with these situational hitting drills. Improve your team's effectiveness at the plate today.

63 minutes. 2009.

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