Single Leg Finishes: From the Feet to the Mat

Single Leg Finishes: From the Feet to the Mat
Single Leg Finishes: From the Feet to the Mat
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  • Learn how to avoid common takedown mistakes that give opponents options to scramble
  • Learn how to score based on an opponent's defensive reaction
  • Learn how to counter an opponent's shin whizzer and avoid the stalemate while maintaining the advantage to your takedown
  • Get several drills that will turn your wrestlers into effective takedown machines
with Matt Azevedo, Drexel University Head Coach;
former Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x U.S. National Team member; U.S.Open Freestyle National Champion

Finishing is all about efficiency. Every wrestler needs to be able to finish and score against the best opponents. Matt Azevedo demonstrates how to use different single-leg finishes based on your opponent's reaction to your attacks. He emphasizes great position and making sure that you can recover it when you lose it. Coach Azevedo does an effective job of breaking down each finish and, even more importantly, gives coaches specific drills that can be used to develop these skills.

Finishing with a single leg can be tricky if you don't follow several key steps. Coach Azevedo starts by showing what constitutes good single-leg position, emphasizing head, chest and knee positioning. He also shows how to recover the position if you lose it. Knowing the correct hand position and body alignment is often the difference between scoring and not scoring in wrestling. He incorporates several drills that make the position an automatic response, as well as a drill to teach athletes how to go from one side to another while maintaining good position. His explanations in all areas are easy to understand and make great teaching points for wrestlers of all levels.

Once a strong position is established, Coach Azevedo teaches several finishes, including the following.

  • Attack and Up to Feet - The first series of finishes involve penetrating on your single and maintaining a strong position while coming up to your feet. Coach Azevedo shows four finishes that can be used depending upon how your opponent defends. He also shows how to finish when the opponent puts his foot to the outside of your leg.
  • On the Mat - The next series covers finishing low when an opponent sprawls . Coach Azevedo demonstrates five finishes, including three that show how to score when an opponent uses a "shin whizzer." You won't get stuck against this effective defense, avoiding the stalemate and maintaining the advantage to your takedown.
  • Through the Middle - The last series of finishes deals with going between your opponent's legs. Coach Azevedo shares four techniques, including one that shows how to finish even if your opponent traps your arm. You'll be able to lift your opponent's legs off the ground and avoid the problematic "funk" scramble positions your opponent will try to put you in.

Coach Azevedo covers different scenarios that will allow all wrestlers to be effective once they get into this position.

In order to score, positioning has to be right and you have to know how to recover when you lose it. Coach Azevedo, who has based much of his competitive offense off these positions, has developed a system of teaching that will make advanced wrestlers stronger in these positions and reinforce great fundamentals in less experienced athletes.

Another amazing video on the single leg. There is nothing revolutionary in here just good solid technique that can be used at all levels. His way of dealing with a leg on the outside has already made improvement in our athlete's success rates in finishing the single. - Kevin Webb

74 minutes. 2014.

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