Simplified Setter Training

Simplified Setter Training
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Product Description

Improve the hands, footwork and overall effectiveness of your setters!

  • Innovative drills that focus on hand, feet, and body positioning to improve setter form and technique
  • Discover drills that help train setters to play more aggressively
  • Learn how to isolate hand placement to improve your setter's angle and timing
with Craig Skinner,
University of Kentucky Head Coach;
SEC Coach of the Year - 2005, 2017 & 2018;
AVCA Southeast Region Coach of the Year - 2011 & 2018;
2006 USA Junior National Team Head Coach (won Gold Medal in the Under-20 NORCECA Championships);
former Nebraska Assistant Coach (won the 2000 NCAA Championship);
Thirteen-straight NCAA Tournament appearances

Setters have become an integral part of any program regardless of the type of offense that a team might run. A setter's leadership, demeanor, and command of their peers' respect are all key factors in molding a dominant volleyball team.

In this video, University of Kentucky head coach Craig Skinner shares his methods to training a top-tier setter. He covers fundamental hand and body positioning and gives you drills that use props, such as boxes, to emphasize angles to better shape, window, and freeze. Skinner's drills will help your setters get their teammates to trust where the ball will be set while also promoting leadership skills and confidence.

Working the Hands

Hands are the key to setting technique. Coach Skinner shows how to use a physio ball to create some stabilization to isolate hand placement, movement and finish. This will improve the angle and timing of your setters' balls!

Once players have become comfortable with the correct hand technique, Skinner progresses to drills featuring a coach on a box. Receiving balls from a box and pass will allow athletes to continue working their hands while also introducing a footwork/base element.

Improving Footwork

Coach Skinner's footwork movements cover:

  • Starting in loaded position
  • Getting a rhythm to step hop
  • Step hopping forward, backward, diagonal toward the net, and back

To close the video, Skinner has a brief Q & A with high school coaches, adding insight and detail to the drills presented.

This video will help you create an aggressive setter by teaching how to dump, read blocks, set a low-passed ball, and take the ball out of the net. Learn how to take your setters to the next level today!

55 minutes. 2018.

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