Signature Move Series -Troy Letters: The Crab Ride

Signature Move Series -Troy Letters: The Crab Ride
Signature Move Series -Troy Letters: The Crab Ride
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Product Description

  • Rack up near fall points and pins with this multi-threat riding technique
  • Learn to transition into a number of pinning combinations using the crab ride
  • Learn the essential pins, turns and counters to master this point-producing move

"This is a truly great video to use learn the crab ride. Troy Letters does a great job breaking down each move into its own critical portions with helpful tricks to add a little extra leverage in each one. I''ve watched other crab ride videos but this one sets the standard for all the rest in my library. - Customer Review

with Troy Letters, former Clarion University Head Coach;
former Penn State University Assistant Coach; 2011 NCAA Team Champions;
2004 NCAA Champion at Lehigh,
3x All American

"Troy is one of the best in the nation with the crab ride. He has an amazing feel for the crab ride and can show you how to score with it." - Greg Strobel, former Lehigh University Head Coach

The crab ride is a multi-threat riding technique that you can use to rack up near fall points and pins.

Three-time All American Troy Letters developed a nearly unstoppable crab ride technique leading him to three, top-three finishes in the NCAA Tournament including the 2004 NCAA Championship. Now, Letters himself shows you how to use this dominating ride to keep your opponent on the mat and put bonus points on the scoreboard.

Starting with the basic positioning, Letters demonstrates three ways to get your opponent extended and to pull him into the crab ride (or the "home" position). Letters shows you how to get your opponent's weight forward with the inside chop and spiral ride to easily slip into the crab ride. In addition, he shows how to use your opponent's momentum off a stand-up to pull him into the crab ride.

Once you have established your "home" position, Letters shows how to stay on the offense and score points. He demonstrates three ways to turn and pin you can use from the crab ride depending on how your opponent reacts:

  • Half Nelson - when he is sitting up and fighting away from you
  • Turk Series - when he turns off his back and fights into you
  • Bar Arm Series - see how to bait your opponent to post his hand that opens up a scoring opportunity

In addition, you will see two common defenses to the crab ride and how to counter them for points.

Troy Letters is one of the top crab riders in the world. Now you can start earning more near fall points and pins by using Letters' proven techniques.

44 minutes. 2010.

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