Signature Move Series - John Smith's Leg Lace

Signature Move Series - John Smith's Leg Lace
Signature Move Series - John Smith's Leg Lace
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Product Description

  • Learn the same technique that led John Smith to six consecutive World titles, including Olympic Gold
  • Score with the leg lace from 10 different positions
  • Separate yourself from the competition with essential leg lace counters and drills

with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach,

  • 5x NCAA Championship coach, 2016 NCAA Runners-Up
  • 2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year - 9x Big 12 Coach of the Year
  • 2018 Big 12 Champions - 20x Big 12 Conference Champions
  • 2x Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 6x World Champion
  • 2x NCAA Champion

Now - for the first time ever - John Smith reveals to you the secrets of his devastating leg lace technique. This is the same technique Smith used to capture six consecutive international titles - four world championships and Olympic Gold in 1988 and '92. This move is still being copied by international wrestlers today! Smith shows you how to successfully get exposure with the leg lace not only from the basic position, but from nine different scenarios. In each scenario, Smith shows how to secure the ankles, apply proper pressure and finish the move for the maximum number of points. No matter what your opponent tries to do to defend the leg lace, Smith shows a counter series that you can flow into to score. Smith includes a key drill to develop the power to keep your opponent buried on the mat and to work the leg lace to score! In freestyle wrestling, you must have a turn to be successful, and John Smith's Leg Lace technique will separate you from the competition.

51 minutes. 2009.

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