Signature Move Series: High Single Leg Takedown

Signature Move Series: High Single Leg Takedown
Signature Move Series: High Single Leg Takedown
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Product Description

  • Learn the essentials of this high reward/low risk maneuver
  • Perfect the power move that helped lead Kerry McCoy to 2 NCAA titles - and the Olympics!
  • Set up your single leg takedown from a variety of ties and positions
  • Learn to problem solve many common issues encountered when attempting a high single leg takedown
with Kerry McCoy, University of Maryland Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x ACC Coach of the Year; 2x ACC Champions; 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach;
2x NCAA Champion at Penn State; 2x Olympic Wrestler (finishing 5th in 2000 and 7th in 2004); 2003 World Championships (silver medal); 3x All American at Penn State; 1997 Hodge Trophy winner

Get an insider's look at Kerry McCoy's go-to move. The high single is a low risk move that is excellent for lightweights and heavyweights alike. Coach McCoy has used this move at all levels with high levels of success.

Coach McCoy covers every aspect of the high single in this video. He teaches you six different set-ups to the high single leg and seven different finishes to score from any position your opponent tries to create. He breaks down his instruction into:

  • Setups - Learn six different set-ups to get a high single leg.
  • Attacks - Learn the importance of level change and anticipation to take away your opponent's pressure.
  • Finishes - McCoy shows you how to finish from several different high single positions to score in any situation on the mat.
Coach McCoy does some problem solving with this move, showing you how to recover when your opponent has countered the attack and how to flow to another move, keeping your opponent off guard. Most of these secondary attacks can lead to scoring back points or even a fall. It is not too often that we can initiate a single leg and finish with a fall.

McCoy also demonstrates how to attack with the high single leg even when your opponent is trying to slow you down with ties (2-on-1, wrist tie, and baseball grip).

The high single is a very effective attack for taller, bigger wrestlers. Bigger, taller wrestlers have a hard time changing their level effectively and this technique allows them to attack the legs without giving up position. However, the high single is also great addition for any wrestler who wants varying attacks on their feet.

This video is great for wrestlers and coaches at any level.

Kerry McCoy is known throughout the world for his signature high single. Now any wrestler or coach can incorporate these same fundamental skills into their daily practice routine.

48 minutes. 2013.

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