Signature Move Series: Chris Perry's Punishing Leg Ride Series

Signature Move Series: Chris Perry's Punishing Leg Ride Series
Signature Move Series: Chris Perry's Punishing Leg Ride Series
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Product Description

Learn a unique style of leg riding that will help you rack up more pins
  • Learn four breakdowns to get your legs in - no matter how your opponent tries to counter
  • Create scoring options using six powerful turns from multiple leg ride positions
  • Learn how to transition from your legs to other rides and turns to keep scoring back points
with Chris Perry,
2x NCAA Champion and 3x All-American for Oklahoma State University;
2014 University World Silver Medalist; 2009 Junior Hodge Trophy winner

Three-time All-American Chris Perry powered his way to two national titles with his tenacious offense. Now, he shares his techniques and tips in this comprehensive video.

He covers all the important phases of riding and turning with the legs. Perry begins with how to get the legs in and finishes with how to get out of leg rides from your opponent. No longer will you just simply ride your opponent without scoring. Instead, you will be turning opponents with regularity and putting matches away with near falls and pins.

Breakdowns to Leg Rides

Learn how to gain an advantage over your opponent as soon as the whistle blows with breakdowns like the spiral ride, the chop, the claw and the choke over. From each of these breakdowns, you will learn how to throw the legs to create the ultimate pressure on your opponent while advancing into your pinning combinations.

After showing these techniques, Perry details how to control your opponent with the legs using skills essential for mastering leg riding.

Turns from the Top

Discover multiple ways to turn your opponent with Chris Perry's unique and relentless style. You will learn the power half, the turk, the reverse crossface, arm bars and arm-bar tilts. You'll see what to do if your opponent closes up when you have their legs and how to use that defense to turn them. Perry will teach you to package these pinning combinations in a way that will keep your opponent off balance and vulnerable to the turn.


When your opponent is defending one attack, Perry shows how you can easily transition into other attacks to further open up your ability to score from the top position. He demonstrates how to use the legs to transition from one technique to another, as well as how to use the legs to set up arm techniques. For example, Perry goes from turning his opponent and scoring to transitioning into a bar arm series.

Defending the Legs

Not only will you learn how to be great at turning with the legs, you'll also be able to escape your opponent's leg offense with Perry's tips for avoiding leg rides. His philosophy is simple: create space and separate your hips from the opponent's hips. This method is just as effective and easily applied to a crackdown position from a Hi-C.

Your confidence will soar after applying these techniques taught by one of the best wrestlers in the nation. The techniques shown in this video are a difference maker that will transform athletes from struggling riders into top-notch turners and pinners.

44 minutes. 2015.

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