Shotgun Fly Passing Game

Shotgun Fly Passing Game
Shotgun Fly Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Use the shotgun formation in your Fly Offense to improve your passing performance
  • Effectively incorporate a passing game into a run-first offense
  • Improve the effectiveness of your passing game by limiting the number of reads your quarterback has to make
  • Discover a pass protection system that will reduce mental errors for your offensive line
with Kevin Swartwood, Buhach Colony HS (CA) Head Coach; 2010 Central California Conference Champions, 2010 Sun-Star Football Coach of the Year

Kevin Swartwood provides a simple yet effective passing game that translates easily to any offensive scheme. He provides play action passes using multiple motion packages so you can easily incorporate each play into your offense and make adjustments throughout a game. The rhythm and read routes in this video will provide you with a simple, but highly effective, passing game.

Once the Fly Sweep has been established, you can unleash the Play Action Passing Attack. Play action will slow down aggressive, fleet-footed defenders by freezing their feet.

Each play is drawn up complete with offensive line protection, backfield action and route concepts vs a 3-4 defense and a 4-man front defense. You'll see the following schemes off of his fly sweep play action:

  • 3-Step Passing Game (5-step if under center) - The backbone of any passing game.
  • Bootleg Scheme - The bootleg off of the run fakes is a great use of misdirection in the pass game.
  • PAC (play action) Scheme - Made to mirror the fly sweep and trap, the PAC scheme will put defensive players in a bind by slowing their run coverage or beating them after they come up.
  • Rocket Screen to #1 Wide Receiver.
  • Skin Pass Scheme - Use play action off of your zone read scheme.
This video reveals the weaknesses of a variety of coverages, provides terminology to help you break down coverages, and shows you how to identify throws to ensure you and your quarterback are on the same page. You will also learn how to take advantage of defenses that roll their safeties in response to different formations.

Video of the multiple pass play installation is provided throughout the DVD. Coach Swartwood follows each practice video with game footage of the different pass concepts in action. You will not only see how to install the play, but how it works on the field. You'll be able to add these concepts to any offense in pieces or as a whole.

Expand your play action pass game today! No matter what type of offense you run, the passing concepts in this video can easily be incorporated into your system.

59 minutes. 2013.

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