Shotgun Fly Inside Run

Shotgun Fly Inside Run
Shotgun Fly Inside Run
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Product Description

  • Develop a series of inside runs that will take advantage of defensive adjustments to the Fly Sweep
  • Install a trap scheme that will make it difficult for your opponent to key on any one player
  • Learn a QB draw scheme to take advantage of man coverage and keep defenders in the box so you can effectively run the Fly Sweep
  • Practice all inside runs using the Mesh Drill, which combines the Fly Sweep motion with inside runs to get more reps for every player
with Kevin Swartwood, Buhach Colony HS (CA) Head Coach; 2010 Central California Conference Champions, 2010 Sun-Star Football Coach of the Year

Learn to use your tailback and quarterback as a weapon against a team that is loading up to stop your sweep.

Using power point, diagrams, drills, and game footage, Kevin Swartwood teaches you the concepts of the inside run plays of the shotgun fly sweep offense. You'll see three basic inside run plays for the shotgun fly:

  • Skin Scheme (aka Zone Read) - The Skin Scheme is two plays built into one that will put multiple blockers at the point of attack. If your quarterback hands the ball off to his running back, he will follow two offensive linemen pulling, to lead your running back to daylight. If your quarterback keeps the ball, the edge of the defense will flow with the pulling linemen, which will put your quarterback in a great position to run like a lightning bolt through the defense.
  • QB Draw - Maximize your quarterback's abilities and minimize the defense's ability to stop him. Your quarterback will take a three-step drop forcing the defense to drop back into pass coverage responsibilities, while the offensive linemen are baiting the d-line into thinking pass. As the d-line rushes hard, your quarterback attacks the line of scrimmage. With defensive players now out of position thinking pass, your quarterback will be following his blockers with a two-way go.
  • Dash Trap - Swartwood shows how to run the Dash Trap versus odd and even fronts. The Dash Trap puts your athletic quarterback in a position to use his feet to sift through defenses for impact plays. The use of motion to ignite a possible sweep will keep the defenders feet paralyzed. This will give your quarterback a decided advantage as he attacks the inside perimeter of the defense.
The Dash Trap includes a fail safe blocking scheme that gives your offensive linemen the ability to adjust to different techniques they recognize from the defensive linemen by using a "Butter" call. The Butter call will change responsibilities between the center and tackle ensuring the Dash Trap will be fluid.

Coach Swartwood explains different drills that are used in the offense to allow for a great amount of reps to help the players learn the offense.

47 minutes. 2013.

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