Shotgun Double Wing Offense: The Counter Series

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: The Counter Series
Shotgun Double Wing Offense: The Counter Series
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  • Create the big play opportunities with the counter series
  • Simplify installation by keeping your blocking schemes the same while changing the backfield action
  • Run your counter game from spread formations as well as tight formations
with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach; 2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; In 2012 ranked first in the state of California (DII) in scoring (54 ppg); total yards (over 500 ypg) and rushing (over 400 ypg); During his 13 years of running the Double Wing Offense, Murphy has won four CIF titles, 10 league championships and has been ranked in the Top 50 in the nation three times!

Catch your opponent off guard and neutralize a fast attacking defense with an effective counter game.

Tim Murphy's counter series offers an excellent change up for teams who are running power plays with success and seeing the defense taking chances to get back in the game.

The counter will freeze the feet of high octane athletes who want blow up your precision timed offense.

Using a marker board, Coach Murphy draws out each play against both the 4-3 and 5-2 defenses, complete with blocking assignments and rules for each play to highlight the nuances of blocking against even and odd fronts. After diagramming each play he shows how the play is run through practice video. Each play is viewed from the press box and from the end zone.

Coach Murphy shows variations of the counter that will get the ball to different playmakers while running the counter play. These variations start out looking like one play and then transform into a two-headed monster. The more looks you have the more deception you have offensively. This puts the defense on their heels and destroys any rhythm to make plays.

You'll also learn how you can add a shovel pass to the counter run blocking scheme. The shovel play is very deceptive and the defense can't help but key on your tailback's movement. The movement of the tailback and quarterback will act as blockers by freezing defenders. The wing gets mixed in the trash as he moves along the line of scrimmage and receives a pass from the quarterback. The wing hits his point of attack leaving the defense in his wake. This can make your offense very versatile while not using extra teaching time to teach the play.

Whether you run the double wing offense or not, Coach Murphy's instruction will help you implement and use counter plays to create big play opportunities.

56 minutes. 2013.

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