Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Play Action Passing Game

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Play Action Passing Game
Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Play Action Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Neutralize defenses that stack the box by becoming multi-dimensional
  • Learn how you can use your fullback as both a runner and receiver
  • Improve your intermediate, quick and deep passing game out of the double wing
with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach; 2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; In 2012 ranked first in the state of California (DII) in scoring (54 ppg); total yards (over 500 ypg) and rushing (over 400 ypg); During his 13 years of running the Double Wing Offense, Murphy has won four CIF titles, 10 league championships and has been ranked in the Top 50 in the nation three times!

Tim Murphy's understanding of the run game makes his pass game devastating. As defenses try to stop the power game they struggle to prepare for the pass. The Shotgun Double Wing opens up the passing game by allowing routes to develop, letting your quarterback see the field and providing deeper routes.

Make defenses cover the width of the field using:

  • Trap Pass - A one man route can be a game changer. Murphy gives you three plays off the trap look. These plays are used when the defense is trying to sneak up and stop your run. This pass play provides your tight ends a variety of routes to choose from without showing any tendencies. The defense will not be clued in by formation. You will learn pass patterns to exploit Cover 2 and 3 for huge, game breaking plays.
  • Power Series Passing Game - Since power is the base play of the whole offense, the power play action pass must be a staple of your offense. A two-man route that gives your quarterback choices to throw to downfield, the Power Series is an ideal way to use your fleet-footed quarterback to blow up defenses schemes with his electric feet. The defense will be fooled into thinking run and will be completely out of position for this explosive play.
  • Sprint Passing Game - Provide your quarterback plenty of depth to buy time and survey the field. Every lineman in this play takes a three step Trojan pull then turns to protect backside away from the rolling out quarterback. You get a flood concept from your receivers giving your quarterback three throwing options to throw to and, as he's rolling out, he is a threat to run, putting the defense in breakdown mode. You will see a variety of pass patterns to manipulate the most disciplined defenses.

To finish the video Coach Murphy delivers several plays to add to your passing arsenal; sprint pass throwback, joker pass, joker pass zip and jailbreak. You'll also get an effective screen pass to help negate a strong pass rush.

Many of the pass plays offered have optional routes. This allows receivers to read the defensive backfield and decide on the best route. Passing from the shotgun allows the quarterback to see the field better and allows the offense to set his passing pocket in different locations.

Adding a potent passing game to your double wing will make it all the more lethal!

56 minutes. 2013.

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