Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Inside Run Game

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Inside Run Game
Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Inside Run Game
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  • Implement the power of the trap vs. even and odd man fronts
  • Create a "1000 Pound Block" which is no match for short yardage defensive fronts
  • Force the defense to account for every running back so they cannot key any single back
  • Implement the trap pass series to keep defenses honest
with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach; 2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; In 2012 ranked first in the state of California (DII) in scoring (54 ppg); total yards (over 500 ypg) and rushing (over 400 ypg); During his 13 years of running the Double Wing Offense, Murphy has won four CIF titles, 10 league championships and has been ranked in the Top 50 in the nation three times!

The inside run game can get you quick yards, set up your pass game, and protect your off-tackle and outside plays. When teams want to load up to stop your power, you can counter with the trap, tackle trap or draw.

Tim Murphy presents a detailed look on how to develop the inside run game out of the shotgun double wing offense. The inside run game is the base of this system and will open up the rest of the offense.

Trap plays can pop for big yardage when the defense is trying to stop your power and outside plays. Coach Murphy breaks down blocking schemes against a 4-3 and 5-2 defensive front. He gives instruction on:

  • 21 Trap - Provides the trap block plus the lead block by the fullback.
  • 20 Trap - Delivers a trap block with the tackle leading through the hole.
  • Tackle Trap - The tackle trap play has an element of surprise built into it; a direct snap to the fullback with crisscross action behind it.
  • Wedge Play - Use in short yardage situations against any defense.
Coach Murphy designs each inside run play on the whiteboard and explains the blocking rules for every lineman. Multiple cross blocks on the line of scrimmage make reading this play difficult for defenders. You'll learn how to teach proper center technique to keep "bear crawling defenders" from stopping your wedge play. He also explains the motion and technique for all the running backs and receivers.

After each play, practice video is used to show you how the play is administered in a practice setting. Each play is run versus defenders with both a press box and end zone view.

Coach Murphy ends the video with instruction on the Trap Pass - the perfect complement to the inside Trap Game. The Trap Pass uses maximum pass protection but also gives the quarterback the option to run. You'll see several play action passes that can be very effective when a defense is selling out to stop the run. He also shows how the Pro Draw will set up complimentary pass plays later in the game.

This base play will open up the rest of your offense and keep the defense at bay.

56 minutes. 2013.

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