Shot Put & Discus Throw: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning

Shot Put & Discus Throw: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning
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Discover the planning, techniques, and training necessary to increase shot put and discus distance!

  • Implement an effective periodization schedule for high school throwers
  • Get several drills that teach and reinforce sound technique for the shot put and discus
  • Learn Coach Judge's approach to strength training for high school throwers

with Mike Judge, Throw 1 Deep Club Head Coach; USATF Level 5 coach; 2013 National High School Coach of the Year; National Junior Pan American Coach of the Year (2013 ); Atlanta Track Club High School Coach of the Year (2012); USATFGA Club Coach of the Year (2011)

In this video, throws coach Mike Judge showcases his approach to training discus and shot put throwers at the high school level. He explains his approach to linear periodization and how he utilizes these principles to ensure that his athletes continuously make progress during the competitive season. Additionally, Judge explains how he approaches peaking for championship meets.

You'll learn how to structure workouts during the pre-season, competition season, and championship phase of a full track season. Judge also explains the science behind "peaking" and how to apply this knowledge to create an advantage for your athletes.

Strength Training

Coach Judge explains the overall training emphasis during the pre-season, competitive, and championship phases of the season and demonstrates several exercises that he uses in the weight room with his athletes. You'll learn:

  • How to apply the principles of linear periodization to your strength training program and how to link the strength training program to the technical training for the throwing events.
  • Proper technique and coaching points for various exercises performed in the weight room.
  • How to modify exercise selection and set/rep schemes for the peaking phases.

Drills and Technique

Judge, with the help of some of his athletes, demonstrates several drills that teach proper fundamentals in both the discus and shot put. He also explains how to adjust for volume and intensity of drill work so that practice is planned in a manner that ensures athletes can make progress the entire season. You'll get:

  • Discus drills such as: arm strike, stand throws, wheel drill, and full throws from various positions.
  • Shot put drills such as: arm strike, reverse stand throws, A drill, stand throws, and full throws using a glide technique.

Coach Judge does an excellent job of presenting a technical approach to training high school shot put and discus throwers. This video will provide what you need to give your athletes an edge on the competition in the seasons ahead!

42 minutes. 2018.

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