Short Offense: Scoring from the Front Headlock

Short Offense: Scoring from the Front Headlock
Short Offense: Scoring from the Front Headlock
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Learn unique twists on common techniques for executing the front headlock!

  • Learn 10 different ways to score from a front headlock
  • Discover how to score with misdirection attacks from a front headlock
  • Learn Coach Hahn's special gator roll for scoring in Freestyle and Greco competition

with Damion Hahn,
South Dakota State Head Coach
former Cornell University Associate Head Coach;
2017 EIWA Champions - 11 consecutive EIWA Conference Championships (2007-17);
2x NCAA Champion and 4x All American (University of Minnesota)

The front headlock is a common position that, when mastered, can be used to score big points against even the best wrestlers. In this video, Damion Hahn covers 10 different moves that are set up by the front headlock. The moves build on each other and can be used to counter your opponent's movements. Coach Hahn gives insider advice with insightful tidbits that are critical to success.

Coach Hahn covers set-ups as well as several other effective finishes. He continues with a series of finishes from the feet and concludes with showing his "gator roll" that can counter the typical roll for scoring in Freestyle and Greco.

The Set Up

Coach Hahn covers two set-ups: from an underhook and the Football Grip into a snap. He discusses and illustrates a way to move the opponent around the mat, which is the most important part of controlling the opponent.

Moves out of Front Headlock

Several different moves that have allowed Coach Hahn's Cornell wrestlers to be successful are demonstrated. He covers how to score with a series of go-behinds after you have snapped your opponent to their knees.

Coach Hahn introduces a "Knee Go-Behind" and a finish that uses several direction changes that lead to a score. From the go-behind, Coach Hahn builds to put the attacking wrestler into position to score points or go for the pin. He also shows a knee tap that can lead to a pin when done correctly. Later, a technique is added that allows you to score when your opponent bellies out and holds your elbow.

Front Headlock Moves from the Feet

Coach Hahn demonstrates several different ways to score from your feet, including an inside trip and a throw-by. He also teaches how to maintain control and score against the different defenses your opponent will use.

In every match, a wrestler ends up in a position that allows the use of the front headlock, whether from a snap down or from a sprawl. Using chain wrestling style, Coach Hahn moves from one move to another, creating opportunities for any wrestler.

63 minutes. 2016.

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