Shooting Techniques and Tactical Skills

Shooting Techniques and Tactical Skills
Shooting Techniques and Tactical Skills
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Product Description

  • Improve shooting accuracy, get more shots on goal and score more goals
  • Discover goal-scoring shots your players can use in a variety of situations
  • Master the always hard-to-defend Reverse Shot and learn to use it to your advantage
  • Develop a "shovel shot" to counter aggressive goalies who lay out in front of attacking forwards
with Tracey Fuchs, Northwestern University Head Coach;
member of the USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame (2014);
USA Field Hockey Senior National Team Assistant Coach; USA Field Hockey's National Coach of the Year (2005); 1987 National Player of the Year and 3x All American at the University of Connecticut; 2x USA Field Hockey Athlete of the Year (1990, '93), a member of two Olympic and four World Cup teams; US National team captain for 14 years

2005 USA Field Hockey's National Coach of the Year Tracey Fuchs presents a training video on the foundational skills required to shoot on goal in a variety of situations, resulting in improved scoring ability.

Using on-field demonstration you will learn shooting techniques including:

  • Reverse Stick Shot - Quickly becoming a favorite shot for advanced players, you will see how to break it down so less skilled players can use it with success.
  • Flip or Shovel Shot - Give your players an effective shot to defeat aggressive goalkeepers that come out of the net and lay out in front of incoming forwards.
  • Punch or Squeeze Shot - When you're in need of quick shot under pressure, this shot will give you a chance to put a shot on goal.
To emphasize these foundational aspects of shooting, Fuchs presents drills that direct player movement and correct common technique errors. For each shot you will learn when to use the shot, the grip, footwork, approach to the ball, where to strike the ball, and where to aim.

The video will walk you from basic to advanced execution of the skill. Throughout the video, Coach Fuchs interlaces tips specific for teaching younger players the skill of shooting.

The drills presented are efficient and clearly defined with specific expectations. By keeping the drills simple yet detailed in presentation, players can quickly be corrected when needed thereby building confidence with each additional repetition of a properly executed drill.

The goal scoring skills presented by Coach Fuchs are a must for any forward and attacking midfielder. Players of all levels can benefit from this video to learn the correct execution of the shots and improve their goal scoring skills.

31 minutes. 2013.

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