Shooting Drills for Field Hockey

Shooting Drills for Field Hockey
Shooting Drills for Field Hockey
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Product Description

  • Get a variety of shooting drills to improve techniques in a game-like setting
  • Learn to shoot from any angle using proper body and foot position
  • Get coaching tips that can make a big difference in your goal production
with Matt Soto,
Penn Manor (PA) High School Head Coach;
2x State Champions; 5x State Finalist; over 600 career victories

Score more goals this season using proven shooting drills from 20-year veteran coach Matt Soto.

Coach Soto delivers the keys to getting your players to the next level of goal scoring. Soto runs players through a variety of shooting drills you can use to develop solid fundamentals in your players and provides valuable coaching tips along the way. The drills start off simple and as the players master each skill, the drills become more complex and game-like.

In this instructional field hockey DVD, you will learn how to:

  • Use set plays to get your player into great scoring position.
  • Quickly take shots when they are available.
  • Create space and find the open area to get a good shot.
  • of variety of shots like hits, sweeps and flicks.
  • Encourage the use of all kinds of hits from the strong and reverse side

High school athletes can view this video and feel encouraged to try these drills as they watch their peers doing these drills.

This video covers various drills to prepare young hockey players to take a shot on goal, the most important step toward scoring a goal.

41 minutes. 2012.

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