Shifting Sand: Core Training on a Sand Court

Shifting Sand: Core Training on a Sand Court
Shifting Sand: Core Training on a Sand Court
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Product Description

  • Challenge your athletes with a total core workout
  • Learn to use sand training to supplement your indoor game
  • 19 exercises to strengthen core (abdominals, back, glutes, hamstrings) in a balanced way
  • Easily adaptable to a gym setting
with Dave Carstenson, USAV Beach Volleyball Coach;
TRX certified trainer, NASM trainer

A sand court isn't just for playing sand volleyball. It can also be used for strength training and conditioning of volleyball athletes. With little equipment, you can make your training program dynamic by moving it outside and using the resistance of sand to intensify your workouts! Take your teams' game to a whole new level with these 19 core training exercises presented by NASM certified trainer Dave Carstenson.

In this video, you will learn to teach and perform an entire core workout specific to volleyball players. All exercises performed in this video are done on the sand, but can easily be done in the gym for indoor players as well. The best part about these exercises is that they can be performed without any extra equipment. All you need are balls and net poles or a wall to fully use this workout program - there are no weights or other pieces of equipment needed to perform any of these exercises.

Coach Carstenson keeps his drills interesting and his players engaged by involving a volleyball as often as possible and using other tools (e.g. TRX Training System, chairs, net poles, etc.) to assist in challenging his athletes' core strength. His workout list includes exercises that target:

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Back Extensors
  • Abdominals
  • And other core muscle groups
Coach Carstenson gives his philosophy of when and how to use this routine with any players ages 14 and up. With the help of demonstrators, he shows the correct way to perform each exercise and what to look for to ensure they are performed properly. Each exercise is explained and includes tips on how to amplify the drill to make it more challenging for your athletes.

This routine will give your players a full body workout concentrating on core strength and balance and development of the calves and hamstrings. These exercises will make players stronger quickly and will add explosive power to their game. This core strength training program is great for both the indoor and sand volleyball player.

Adding core strength and balance into your training will add to your team's athleticism and assist them in being able to play with improved speed, agility, and explosiveness from anywhere on the court.

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

35 minutes. 2013.

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