Shield Punt & Offensive Schemes

Shield Punt & Offensive Schemes
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  • Use the shield punt to enhance your special teams play and get down field faster to cover punts
  • Learn the sky punt for better coverage
  • Gain a basic understanding of Coach Briles' zone play
with Art Briles,
Mount Vernon HS (TX) Head Football Coach; formerly University of Houston Head Coach and Baylor University Head Coach;
2x Big 12 and 1x Conference USA Champions

In this video, Briles goes into great depth about his special teams philosophy, special teams punt schemes, and provides an overview of his zone and power run game.

Starting with his coaching philosophy, Coach Briles explains the benefits of using a two platoon system, even at the collegiate level, because it helps players understand the game of football on both sides of the ball.

Moving to Special Teams play, Coach Briles shares his special teams philosophy and how important it is to be unpredictable in the kicking game. Briles explains how he uses the shield punt to attack the defense against a regular return, safe return, block look and using expanded splits. He also shows how to adjust your splits on a punt formation to create advantages for fakes, coverage, and protection versus block looks - you never want to be predictable on special teams.

Coach Briles changes gears and discusses several base runs, Zone and Power, that Baylor's offense uses, as well as some play action concepts off of those runs. He shares some game footage of the inside zone, power, and play action passes that they use to attack the defense.

Produced at the 2013 Las Vegas (NV) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

56 minutes. 2013.

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