Sharman White: Free Throw Line and Sideline Fast Break and Special Situations

Sharman White: Free Throw Line and Sideline Fast Break and Special Situations
Sharman White: Free Throw Line and Sideline Fast Break and Special Situations
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  • Use free throw situations to create a fast break opportunities and score game-changing points
  • Get late game situations from the free throw line that will give your team a chance to win the game at the buzzer
  • Learn a press that forces opposing post players to handle the ball - especially if it makes them uncomfortable
with Sharman White, Pace Academy (GA) Head Coach;
former Georgia State University Assistant Coach;
2016 National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) Boys' Basketball Coach of the Year;
former Miller Grove (GA) HS Boys Head Coach;
7x Georgia Class AAAA State Championships (including 6 straight from '09-'14);
2014 USA Today All-USA Coach of the Year;
2015 USA Basketball Men's U16 National Team Assistant Coach (Gold Medal); USA Men's Basketball U17 World Cup Team Training Camp

Catch opponents sleeping by creating fast break opportunities out of both made and missed free throws.

Four-time Georgia State High School Champion, Sharman White's goal per game is to get 16-24 points in free throw situations — not shooting free throws, but the advantages you can get off of makes and misses. In this on-court clinic demonstration, Coach White shows you one of tools he used to become a powerhouse in Georgia. Using an array of simple plays, he teaches how to gain an offensive advantage on any team — by using the free throw line!

Attacking fast and organized from a dead ball situation can catch defenses off guard. Coach White details his sideline break alignment using his 14 and 15 play calls that show a position-by-position breakdown of the movement. Once his players have established their boundaries, Coach White looks to attack in 3 seconds or less up the court by moving the ball with quick overhead passes. He outlines each player's responsibility during the sideline attack and demonstrates both situations using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 formats.

Once your players have mastered this special situation, Coach White will break down counters and describe how to beat your opponents when they know the break is coming. He outlines how to incorporate a flex cut or shuffle cut into your sideline attack which throws your opponents scouting report out the window.

Coach White demonstrates how to use the free throw line to your advantage if your team is down late in the game using his "X" and "X2" calls. He utilizes his players basketball IQ and athleticism to demonstrate how you can get an easy bucket off a missed free throw or how to get off a 3-point shot to give your team a chance to win at the buzzer.

Coach White finishes his special situations by taking you through a press that attacks your opponent whether you make or miss a free throw. In his "Black" set up, he demonstrates how to attack opposing post players who don't like to handle the ball in pressure situations.

Against good competition coaches are always digging deep for an advantage. With Coach White's championship-proven special situations strategy, your team will learn how to score up to 16 extra points out of free throw line situations and create four to five advantageous plays per game giving you an offensive edge not even your best opponent can defend.

Produced at the Spring 2012 Tunica (MS) Clinic.

59 minutes. 2013.

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