Sharman White: Dissecting Man-to-Man Defenses with a 1-4 Set

Sharman White: Dissecting Man-to-Man Defenses with a 1-4 Set
Sharman White: Dissecting Man-to-Man Defenses with a 1-4 Set
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In this video you will learn how to:
  • Use multiple 1-4 sets to get your best players high percentage shots
  • Use back screens and stagger screens to score easy baskets
  • Create space for your players to operate against zone defenses using a 1-4 low alignment
with Sharman White, Pace Academy (GA) Head Coach;
former Georgia State University Assistant Coach;
2016 National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) Boys' Basketball Coach of the Year;
2015 & 2019 USA Basketball Men's U16 National Team Assistant Coach (both Gold Medals);
former Miller Grove (GA) HS Boys Head Coach;
7x Georgia Class AAAA State Championships (including 6 straight from '09-'14);
2014 USA Today All-USA Coach of the Year

Whether you are looking for a new quick hitter to add to your playbook or a last second play that provides multiple, game-winning scoring opportunities, this video will provide a set play that gives you high percentage scoring opportunities.

Working out of the 1-4 set, Sharman White gives away the secrets to his six-time state championship team. In this on-court presentation, he shows a series of quick hitting plays that are sure to help your team score some easy baskets and maximize possessions. Each set allows for backdoor opportunities while maintaining proper floor spacing.

Good offense is created by great spacing, solid screens and attention to detail. Coach White incorporates cutting and screening without the ball to maximize players' offensive abilities. He begins by setting up the 1-4 and describes the position of each player. He next shows a series of plays that work off of each other to create inside and outside looks. The base play in this series is "Duke." It is centered around getting the ball into the paint for high percentage shots through backdoor cut, post duck-in, or driving to the basket. He demonstrates two other sets out of the Duke series designed for a lob and a dribble hand-off for an open drive to the rim. In "Carolina," you will get three sets using an Iverson cut, duck in the post or a back door cut.

Coach White includes a few looks from the 1-4 low set, as well. These looks help create space for players to operate, as well as being quite useful against zone defenses. Coach then shows a couple of plays that he uses at specific moments during the game to turn the tide or get a specific look. "Tennessee" provides a great look for a 3-point shot, while "Carolina Two" will get the best athlete on the floor a lob right at the rim.

Each play in this presentation is clearly broken down and Coach White is very specific with each detail necessary for the play to be successful. Each play can flow in and out of each other and develop various options and mismatches leaving opposing coaches scrambling for adjustments to slow it down. Plays are shown versus man and zone.

Coach White has developed multiple all-American players and has racked up numerous state championships. Take his knowledge of quick hitting plays out of the 1-4 set and put it into your playbook this season. Use these plays to quickly silence the crowd and get your fans going wild.

Produced at the Fall 2013 St. Louis (MO) clinic.

58 minutes. 2014.

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