Sharman White: Defensive Game Plan for Practice

Sharman White: Defensive Game Plan for Practice
Sharman White: Defensive Game Plan for Practice
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In this video you will learn how to:
  • Implement 15 defensive foundational build up and scrimmage drills to develop a championship defense
  • Organize your defensive practice plan to optimize every moment you spend on the court
  • Use odd number situations to help your team build better defensive habits
  • Develop individual defensive techniques using a variety of breakdown drills
with Sharman White, Pace Academy (GA) Head Coach;
former Georgia State University Assistant Coach;
2016 National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) Boys' Basketball Coach of the Year;
former Miller Grove (GA) HS Boys Head Coach;
7x Georgia Class AAAA State Championships (including 6 straight from '09-'14);
2014 USA Today All-USA Coach of the Year;
2015 USA Basketball Men's U16 National Team Assistant Coach (Gold Medal); USA Men's Basketball U17 World Cup Team Training Camp

Sharman White has won the Georgia State Championship six years in a row. He attributes this success, in large part, to his team's defense. In this terrific on-court instructional video, Coach White breaks down his philosophy behind the defensive concepts that he teaches every day in practice. He passes on innovative drills that will motivate your players to excel on the defensive end.

Starting at the foundation, Coach White progresses through build-up drills leading into 5-on-5 competitive scrimmage drills at game speed. These drills are taught and run early in the season to build good habits and help players understand the expectations for each possession during the season.

Taking a charge, cutting off the baseline and executing proper closeouts are all essential to having success on the defensive end. In one valuable drill, the "Gladiator Drill," Coach White is able to cover all three of these concepts.

Defending the ball screen is a must in today's game, as it is a staple in so many offenses at all levels. The "2-on-2 Defending the Screen" drill will help train your players to execute the appropriate defense verses the ball screen.

While having even match ups are a reality in the game, odd number match ups are where the game is won and lost. In the 5-on-4 drill, players are forced to deal with this odd numbered situation for a minute and 30 seconds. This fantastic drill requires all-out effort, great communication and dedication to proper techniques in order to have success.

Coach White describes how to use these drills to create a competitive atmosphere every day in practice. In his practices there are always winners and loser. By making his kids compete they are always ready for the match ups they see in their real games.

Being able to disrupt your opponent's offensive flow with high-pressured defense is a backbone to most championship teams. This DVD is loaded with defensive drills and concepts that are clearly organized to help optimize practice time.

Produced at the Fall 2013 St. Louis (MO) clinic.

58 minutes. 2014.

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