Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens in Your Offense

Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens in Your Offense
Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens in Your Offense
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Product Description

  • Learn how to use ball screens to force two players to guard one and to exploit poor defenders
  • Get four side ball screens you can add to any set play or transition offense to create more scoring opportunities around the rim
  • See three set plays you can use against any defense to create offensive advantages in the half court
  • Discover seven ball screen reads you can use to help your players become masters at utilizing ball screens
with Shaka Smart, University of Texas Head Coach;
2016 USA Basketball U18 National Team Head Coach;
former Virginia Commonwealth University Head Coach;
2011 Clarence Gaines National Coach of the Year. 2011 Final Four appearance. Four 27-win seasons (2009-2013).

Shaka Smart, known for his Havoc Pressure Defense, switches to the offensive end of the floor to demonstrate how he imposes offensive havoc on his opponents by incorporating ball screens into transition and half court offense. This potent offensive strategy is used throughout basketball and has become one of the best tools to get players open looks at the basket. In this presentation, Coach Smart demonstrates seven types of ball screens and effective situations for using them in your half court offense. He includes defensive strategies that are used against the screens and how to counter each defensive strategy.

These ball screens will:

  • Force your opponents to guard disadvantage situations
  • Create roles for other players on your team
  • Exploit your opponent's weak defenders

Many teams choose to defend ball screens one way, and if your team has an effective counter for that defense, they can easily score. Whether it's the common hedge, the switch or the trap, Coach Smart shows how the defense will defend the ball screen and how to beat it.

Coach Smart breaks down some of the most important aspects of using ball screens: spacing, timing and screening angles. He demonstrates a variety of screening angles, and he highlights spots on the floor that are most effective for using ball screens. He then shows seven ball screen reads that players must know in order to make good choices within the offense.

A unique aspect of this video is the "Endings." These side ball screens create movement to help players get in the proper positions to create the best scoring opportunities using the ball screen. This allows you to counter defensive strategies and exploit weaknesses from the same basic ball screen. Coach Smart ends the presentation with a five minute Q&A session to address most common questions.

Add another dimension to your half court offense by incorporating part of Shaka Smart's ball screen offense into your system.

Produced at the Fall 2013 Birmingham (AL) Clinic.

75 minutes. 2014.

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