Setting Fundamentals for Sand Players

Setting Fundamentals for Sand Players
Setting Fundamentals for Sand Players
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  • Learn the keys tactical setting in the sand
  • Consistently produce a well defined apex on the ball
  • Get tips for better transitional and "trouble" setting situations
with Anna Collier,
USC Sand Volleyball Head Coach;
women's beach volleyball Olympic Coach;
Played professionally on the beach for seven seasons between 1978 and 1989, posting 10 Top 10 finishes among her 20 tournament appearances

As players transition to the sand, they must learn new fundamentals and techniques for the skills they have already learned. Like other skills, setting poses new challenges once the court has changed to sand and six players becomes two.

In this session, Anna Collier starts from the beginning, by showing you the basic sand setting fundamentals you can use to train either your indoor players who are transitioning outside, or new athletes joining your sand program. By starting with these basics, your athletes can then begin to build on their new skills to excel specifically on the sand.

Indoor volleyball always passes to a target to be set, but sand can be very much affected by different variables. Collier shows you how to train setters to be consistent on tight passes, short digs and when the wind or sun are a factor. Some of the passes will not be perfect, so Collier teaches you how to recover for an accurate set.

Coach Collier demonstrates a variety of drills (Shuttle Setting, Transitional Setting, Cross Court Digging, Triangle Setting and Trouble Setting) to help fine-tune the techniques presented.

Setting Fundamentals for Sand Players will definitely help your team to play more intelligently in different situations and conditions.

36 minutes. 2012.

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