Setting Drills & Training Tips: The Player's Perspective

Setting Drills & Training Tips: The Player's Perspective
Setting Drills & Training Tips: The Player's Perspective
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Product Description

  • Discover drills that measure improvement and encourage setters to achieve more
  • Learn how to use drills that challenge in the same way games challenge
  • Discover ways that a setter can give productive feedback to hitters
  • Learn how to use video to provide immediate and appropriate feedback to setters
with Courtney Thompson, U.S. Women's National Team Setter,
2012 Olympic Silver Medalist; 3x All-American for the University of Washington; set the NCAA record for career assists per game with 14.56

Courtney Thompson, of the U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team, discusses the things that make her a better setter and leader. She shares her thoughts on how to create practice sessions that enhance player performance, and explains four ways to better coach drills. Her in-depth explanations cover everything from drills that measure improvement to drills that are uncomfortable to ways coaches can explain the focus and goals of drills while providing feedback.

Thompson shares several key points for player improvement, including:

  • Using drills that measure improvement
  • Recording practice performance as well as game performance
  • Explaining the focus of the drill (i.e. footwork, hands and so on)
  • Providing feedback specific to the goal of the drill
  • Utilizing drills that challenge in the same way games challenge

Thompson demonstrates some of the drills used by top coaches to improve her own performance. Although these drills focus primarily on setters, they very game-like and include other aspects of the game as well. As the drills are performed Thompson gives feedback that helps players make changes during the drill. She explains how the use video during practices and drills to give players instant feedback that, in turn, helps them make adjustments during the drill.

After walking players through setting drill demos, Thompson fields questions from coaches and players about how to become a top-notch setter. Using personal anecdotes, she tells how her experiences have helped her become a top athlete and how she continues to develop as a leader and grow her craft as a setter. She encourages setters to learn to read their passers in order to best adjust no matter how the ball comes off their arms. Thompson also explains how to use feedback during games to create consistency and clear understanding.

Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from one of the top volleyball athletes in the country!

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

47 minutes. 2014.

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