Setting Drills and Training for Sand Volleyball

Setting Drills and Training for Sand Volleyball
Setting Drills and Training for Sand Volleyball
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  • Learn how to implement pair-oriented, combination drills (pass, set, attack) for setters
  • Get new strategies and game-like drills to prepare players for competition
  • Learn how to train players to set all types of passes: off the net, on the net, tight and more
with Anna Collier, USC Women's Sand Volleyball Head Coach;l
ed two U.S. teams to fifth-place finishes at the Olympics (1996, 2000); led American teams to first- and fifth-place finishes at the 2012 World University Championships; founder of the USAV Hi Performance Beach Coaching accreditation

Every coach looks for drills that will enhance their players' skill levels. These game-like exercises are all pair-oriented and demonstrated in the sand. They can also be used indoors.

Coach Collier shares combination drills (pass, set, attack), which she believes are the best type of drills for overall skills improvement. Drills featured in her presentation include:

  • Controlled Chaos Drill - These drills, which address the mental aspects of setting, get players thinking and working hard right away in practice.
  • Triangle Setting Drills - These are tried-and-true drills to improve setting skills.
  • Shuttle Setting Drills - These strategies are designed to teach players how to work at the net and off the net, and also get them facing the proper direction when setting the ball to their partner.
  • Double Dutch Drill - Doubles the number of setting touches and teaches hitters to wait before attacking the ball.
  • Control Serving to the Middle Drill - Get a great attack from this serve receive drill that teaches players what to do with balls served between the receivers.
  • Net Group Sets - These drills focus on setting on the net, off the net, tight net sets, trouble sets, and balls off the court sets.

Coach Collier finishes her presentation with game-like action that includes several variables. One of the variables is playing the game in complete silence, which ultimately demonstrates the importance of communication when playing. Coach Collier also demonstrates the value of timely corrections and praising players as they try to score points and compete against each other.

This DVD gives sand volleyball coaches challenging drills to work their players and get them to working together, communicating and knowing what to do in various game situations.

This DVD gives the beginning players and intermediate players a good idea what drills will help improve their skills as they work together as a team. - customer review

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

50 minutes. 2014.

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